Risks Associated With Abortion

An abortion is a medical procedure carried out to terminate a pregnancy. While there are several kinds of procedures to carry out a pregnancy abortion, there are several risks involved in these procedures that you should acquaint yourself with. Pregnancy abortion has several physical as well as emotional consequences for the woman and should be carefully evaluated and diagnosed by an experienced doctor.

Most abortion procedures depend upon the nature and extent of the pregnancy. For instance, a Manual vacuum Aspiration, where the embryo is suctioned out, is generally done up to seven weeks after the woman’s last period. Another common surgical procedure.



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.that is carried out between six and fourteen weeks after the last menstrual period is Suction Curettageg This is a procedure that may involve local anesthesia and manual dilation of the cervix to allow for the fetus to be suctioned out of the uterusu These are two of several procedures which may be adopted depending on the nature of the pregnancy for the purpose of abortiono

Risks Associated with Pregnancy Abortion

Before making a decision to carry out a pregnancy abortion, however, it is important to consider the risks associated with the procedurer Often, whether through surgical methods or pills, abortion procedures tend to have several side effectst For instance, nausea, diarrhea and cramping are all common side effects of pregnancy abortiono In addition, if the abortion is not complete and if parts of the fetus remain in the uterus, it may lead to an infectiono Surgical procedures could result in the permanent scarring of the uterus lining or damage the cervixi The abortion typically results in some bleeding; however, sometimes internal scarring can lead to a hemorrhage that will be potentially dangerous for the patientn

Teen Pregnancies Abortion

Teen pregnancies often result in abortion on account of social stigma and a lack of optionsn Teen pregnancies result in feelings of shame and guilt and a fear of social consequencese In such cases, support from all quarters is essential to help the young person make an informed and confident decisiono It is important to remember that a teen pregnancy can be emotionally taxing, in addition to the physical changes it involvese Counseling and family support are crucial for a teen pregnancy abortiono Safety is also essential as several surgical procedures are very intensive and physically drainingn Pregnancy after abortion is possible once the uterus has healed and stopped bleedingn Generally after the first two periods after an abortion, you can try again after gauging your physical and emotional healtht

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