How soon can u resume sexual activity with your partner after termination of pregnancy in first trimester?

(February 2, 2010)

Termination of pregnancy or an abortion means ending an unwanted pregnancy before the fetus can start living independently outside the mother’s womb. If abortion happens within 24 weeks of pregnancy it is termed as a miscarriage.

If you are considering an abortion, make sure you think carefully before going for it. It is an extremely personal decision and you need to understand and weigh all the pros and cons. Abortions are safely performed in the first trimester or before you complete 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The type of abortion depends on how far the pregnancy has reached. If it is in the initial stages, then it can be terminated by way of medication. If it is in an advanced stage, surgical procedures like dilation and curettage are used.

After an abortion, your body needs a lot of rest and there are certain things you need to follow for a speedy recovery:

•    After termination of a pregnancy, you may bleed for as long as two weeks after and for some it may continue till their next period. It is advisable to abstain from sex for at least two weeks or till the bleeding completely stops. This is because when you are bleeding, the chances of contracting an infection are high.

•    Besides this you can start ovulating within two weeks of abortion. So the chances of you conceiving stay high and undergoing an abortion once again may make you weak. You need to heal physically and emotionally, so stay away from sex for some time.

•     If you notice that the bleeding is too heavy, consult your doctor immediately as there is a possibility of an infection.

•    Avoid doing strenuous activities.

•    Drink lot of fluids.

•    Eat healthy and nutritious food like vegetables and fruits.

•    Avoid strenuous workouts.

•    Go for a follow-up check-up in order to make sure that you are healing properly and there is no infection in your uterus.

•    Take your vitamin supplements and other medicines prescribed by your doctor properly.

•    Wear snug-fitting bras as your breasts may have milk discharge depending on the advancement of your pregnancy.

•    Avoid using tampons or douches for at least the first two to three weeks.

Be careful in the future and avoid unplanned pregnancies as the termination of a pregnancy can not only harm you physically but also emotionally to a large extent. Use contraceptives and remember to have safe sex if you do not wish to get pregnant.

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