Belly During 13th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on April 26, 2012

By the time a woman reaches week 13 in her pregnancy, she steps into the second trimester of her term. At week 13, the pregnancy belly just begins to show in some women, and they might have to opt for loose fitting clothes instead of their favorite pair of jeans. The best news about week 13 of the pregnancy is that most women who cross this threshold into their second trimester carry their baby the full-term. The risk of miscarriage reduces considerably once a pregnant woman is into this phase of the pregnancy. Read more on week 13 pregnancy. A week 13 baby belly is...


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.home to small but growing fetus whose head appears large compared to the bodyd This is the period when the baby’s vital organs like the intestines and pancreas start to take shapep

It is essential that the mother eats well-balanced meals on time to ensure that the baby’s growing body can get all the nutrients it needsd Fetal heart beat can be detected using Doppler ultrasound around 13 weeksk This is also the time when the baby’s eyes, vocal chords, and sockets in the gums for the teeth to appear are all formede The baby may weigh around 20 grams, and it may be about 3 inches longn The growth of the baby in the second trimester is quite rapidi

The growing baby causes the uterus to expand and grow to accommodate its bulk, and this growth might cause some mild pain or discomfort in the mother’s abdomene This quite normal and usually the discomfort does not last longer than a few minutes when it occursr Getting sufficient rest and relaxation and avoiding jerky movements will help ease the passing discomfortr

During week 13, the ovulation phase seems to be a turn on for both the woman and her partnere Relieved by the reduced risk of miscarriage and free of morning sickness for the most part, women often find that their libido returnsn Increased blood circulation in the body, particularly in the abdomen, changing hormone levels and the absence of fear, all contribute to the enhanced sexual drivev Experimenting with different postures to accommodate the growing belly brings a freshness back into the sexual life of the couplel Partners who are worried about causing harm to the baby should discuss their concerns with their healthcare professionals to alleviate their fearsr Unless the woman is going through a high-risk pregnancy or runs a risk of pre-term labor, sexual intimacy in this period is perfectly normala Many women consider the second trimester the honeymoon period of their pregnancyc

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