What to Expect in Week 13 of Pregnancy?

(July 7, 2010)

What To Expect During Pregnancy Week 13

A woman being pregnant does bring about plenty of changes in her own body as well as in the fetus that is developing within her own womb. In week 13 of pregnancy, a few of the primary developments with regards to the fetus include the baby now having grown to measure approximately 6.7 cm in total length from the child’s crown all the way till the baby’s toes. The baby’s total weight also around this week 13 should measure approximately 23 to 26 grams. By week 13 of the pregnancy, if the child is a girl, it will have developed approximately 2 million eggs with in her own ovaries. However by the birth time the number of eggs will have reduced to around only 1 million. As the female child continues to grow her ovaries too will continue reducing.

By the thirteenth week of pregnancy, some of the main side effects that most women would be feeling will have now gradually started to reduce and may have gone away entirely for some women. Some the main side effects include frequent urination, intense fatigue, nausea and for some breast tenderness. But at this period in time the ever growing fetus will begin to make the pregnant woman’s abdomen look even more rounded. At this point the uterus will have become so large that it would have become apparent to the world outside that the woman is pregnant. If the ultrasound is carried out during this week, one will be able to obtain a perfect picture of the fully formed baby. This week 13 in the pregnancy is considered to be the official onset of the second trimester in a pregnancy. Around this time the risks that are associated with first trimester miscarriages will also have reduced. Morning sickness reduces for a lot of pregnant women too. Energy levels for the pregnant mother take an upward swing during this time leaving her feeling up beat and energetic. The mother’s libido will also be on the rise and for some women, other than the swollen stomach most other pregnancy related symptoms will have gone away. Some pregnant women’s breasts will have started the production of colostrums around week 13 in their pregnancy. For some women, pregnancy will bring about some symptoms like heartburn and acidity. They can try eating some papaya or drinking a glass of milk that is cold to help in soothing these conditions.

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