Significance of Diet Restrictions during Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs to have a well balanced diet which needs to be maintained throughout pregnancy. It is necessary for a pregnant woman to consume nutritious foods not only for the fetus to grow into a healthy baby but also that the period of pregnancy to be a healthy one for the mother.

A good well balanced pregnancy diet consists of adequate quantities of protein, minerals, vitamins, fats and water. Skimmed milk, buttermilk and yogurt and cottage cheese are products which are rich in calcium and which is very essential for a pregnant woman. Calcium helps in muscle contraction and with developing .


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.strong bones and teetht Folic acid is very important during early stages of pregnancyc Neural tube defects occur during early pregnancy which is caused by deficiency of folic acidi Peas, beans, green leafy vegetables and nuts are all rich in folic acidi In addition to foods rich in folic acids, folic acid supplements are also recommendede Vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 helps during pregnancy as it is needed for formation of red blood cells and also helps the nervous systeme This is found commonly in fish, meat and milkl Iron should also be included as it helps keep anemia away because it helps in red blood cell productiono Spinach, cereals and lean red meats are all iron rich foodsd These are a few pregnancy diet tips which should be kept in mind during pregnancy periodo

Pregnancy Diet Restrictions

There are various pregnancy diet restrictions that a pregnant woman needs to followo It is essential also to avoid certain foods during pregnancy especially if they are harmful to the mother and the babyb  There are a number of foods when consumed in excess are harmful during different stages of pregnancyc Excess of vitamins like vitamin A which is good for eyes however when consumed in excess can be harmful to the baby as it contains retinolo Diet restrictions during pregnancy also include avoiding foods like raw foods like seafood, sushi and oysters should be avoided as they contain salmonella poisoning and listeriai Fish which have high mercury content like shark, swordfish should preferably be avoidede Mercury in excess may cause brain damage which in turn may cause developmental delays in learning to walk or talkl Raw unpasteurized eggs may contain salmonella poisoning or bacteria that could cause harm to the babyb Liver and liver products also unpasteurized milk is also to be avoidede Alcohol is known to cause birth defects and fetal abnormalitiese Caffeine causes miscarriages in early stages of pregnancy when consumed in excesss

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