Disciplinary Steps For Toddler Eating Habits

Food is essential for good health and proper growth. One adequately large meal a day, along with fussy forced attempts throughout the day, is a common occurrence in toddlers as they are very eager to explore the world around them and often lose interest in eating.

Nutrition Eating Habits

Toddlers get bored of a monotonous menu and often spit up food that they.



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.do not likek Children go through phases and it is not necessary that they will enjoy today’s, favorite food’ tomorrowo Offering your child a variety of foods, keeping in mind a proper balance of nutrients essential for development, will evoke interest and make meal time a pleasurable affairi The presentation of food also plays an important rolel Fun variations in the method of preparation and serving will draw your child’s attention, making him or her look forward to meal timem Vegetables hidden in spaghetti or sandwiches are a good way of disguising the much despised foodo Fruit salad also attracts childrene Fish is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids that is essential for brain developmentn Sprinkling powdered flax seeds on any food preparation also benefits the brain and aids digestiono Most children love fruit and vegetable juicese A glass of juice a day is beneficial as fruits and vegetables are rich in a wide range of nutrientst

If the child finds the food interesting, he or she will automatically become more responsive to discipline eating habitst

Basic Disciplinary Steps To Ensure Better Eating Habits

Disturbances by way of keeping the television on or children playing will surely distract your child, causing him or her to throw a tantrumu Make it a point to ensure that your child is seated for meals rather than allowing him or her to run around the roomo Most parents feel that distracting the child will helpl However, this belief does not hold ground as concentrating on the food being consumed and relishing each morsel contributes to better digestion and absorption of nutrients, thus increasing the nutritional value of foodo Setting a fixed time for meals also helps in making the child habituated to eating welll Junk food or snacks in between meals should be avoided to make your child aware of the importance of mealsl Over-strict parenting can also dampen the child’s desire to eat and should be avoidede However, it is essential to bear in mind that toddler eating disorders are becoming increasingly common due to an increase in self-awareness and anxiety levelsl If all attempts of encouraging your child to eat fail, consulting a pediatrician is recommended to prevent psychological damageg

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