Recipe Ideas For Toddler Foods

By Ashley | January 7, 2010
Recipe Ideas For Toddler Foods

Foods for toddlers need to be healthy and tasty. Toddlers also tend to resist and refuse many foods and as such offering them a variety of fun and nutritious dishes is essential. Breakfast is an important meal for everyone, including your toddler. An enjoyable and healthy breakfast recipe is toasted egg smiles. For this you need to take a slice of bread and cut out a pair of circles for the eyes and an oblong shape for the mouth. Lightly butter one side and place the bread slice in the frying pan with the buttered side facing down. As the bread begins to cook, add a beaten or whole egg over it. Flip the slice over and allow the egg beneath to cook for some time. The egg will show through as the eyes and mouth of the smiley face. A good lunch idea is peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Butter a couple of slice of whole wheat bread and place one slice in a warm pan with the buttered side down. Apply peanut butter over it and cover with banana slices. Place the other slice of bread over it, with the buttered side facing up. Flip and fry until the bread becomes crisp and toasty. Snacks are an important component of a toddler’s diet and a favorite among toddlers is ants on a log. This is a simple recipe in which all you need to do is fill celery sticks with cream cheese, hummus or peanut butter. Sprinkle with seeds, nuts or finely chopped fruits such as apple or banana. Another interesting snack idea is stuffed apples. Core a medium sized apple and stuff with raisins, wheat germ, peanut butter and top with honey. You can serve it as it is or microwave for a few seconds to soften the apple slightly. Hand your toddler a spoon and have him dig into it.

Dinner should be light as toddlers are likely to eat much less than they did at breakfast or lunch. You can serve a version of the same food that the family is eating. Chicken sticks are a great recipe which is easy to prepare. Take thin slices of chicken breast and roll them in plain yogurt. Coat them with crushed cereal such as cornflakes or honey oats and bake for twenty minutes at 400 degrees. Serve with some chopped vegetables or a light sauce and have the entire family enjoy it for dinner. You can even make it more interesting for your toddler by sticking an ice-cream stick through the chicken pieces before baking

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