The Importance of Nutrition Formulas for Babies

Every mother wants the best for her child, especially when it comes to the nutrition and health of the child. The baby care industry also understands this need and has therefore responded with a variety of easy to make baby formula that can provide your baby with all the nutrition that it needs.

Increasing commercialization has seen a sudden surge in the range of products meant for young infants. With it, comes a variety of high calorie nutrition formulas fortified with minerals and vitamins that are essential for your baby’s development.


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Important Nutrients for your Baby

There are certain nutrients that are especially important for your baby and if you are wondering which formula to buy, you may want to keep certain things in mind.

  • Iron: Iron is as essential for your baby as it is for you. Since the baby is still developing this period is especially crucial. Breast milk, one of the best sources of digestible iron, cannot be replaced. However, an iron fortified baby formula can help get your child the recommended dose of iron.
  • Docosahexanoic Acid: Docosahexanoic acid, a fat which is important for the development of the optic system and the brain, should be a component of your baby’s food. It is important for your baby’s overall development. While adults can get DHA from fish oils and flaxseed oils, babys get it from their formula.
  • Arachidonic Acid: Arachidonic acid or ARA is another important nutrient that should be present in your baby’s formula. ARA is important for building up your baby’s immunity.

Types of Nutrition Formulas for your Baby

There are several types of formula available but the two that are most used are milk formula and soy formula. Both of these are as nutritious and usually both are fortified with the same amount of nutrients. However, the soy based formula is important for those babies who have a problem digesting cow’s milk. It is not advisable to use soy formulas unless the doctor specifically recommends it. This is because soy formulas have very high estrogen levels and has been linked to several thyroid autoimmune conditions. Another important thing to consider while feeding your baby is that the formula should be hypoallergenic.

If a mother didn’t receive the right nutrition when pregnant, the baby may be underweight and susceptible to various disorders. In such a case, the infant may need a protein based high calorie nutrition formula. A special 24 calorie infant formula is available which can give your child 24 calories per ounce of the formula. Such a diet is recommended for babies who are underweight at birth or those who are prematurely born.

Baby Nutrition Formula
Baby Nutrition Formula
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