Baby Growth Spurts and Formula Feeding

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

Babies should be fed breast milk to improve overall health and immunity. However, this does not mean that formula fed babies do not grow well. Babies have their own growth rates, and both breast fed and bottle fed babies growth according to that. Women who feed their babies with their breast milk may often face problems when their child experiences a growth spurt. It is not always possible for a woman to increase the production of her breast milk to match the requirement of a baby experiencing a growth spurt. On the other hand, baby growth spurts and formula feeding go well together because as the baby's demands grow,...


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.the baby can be fed more formula to meet those demandsd

Baby growth spurts for bottle feeding babies is easier on their mothersr

The baby begins to experience rapid growth spurts when it is three months oldl When it comes to feeding of babies, there are no real rules associated with iti Babies need to be fed on their demand because even if the doctor tells you that your baby should be fed a particular number of times during the day, infants need to be given proper food every time they need it, or they will not grow optimallyl The American Academy of Pediatrics has given an excellent relationship between baby growth spurts and formula foodo According to them, the baby needs about 2 5 ounces of formula per pound of its weighth You can calculate the approximate amount of food your baby needs by the rate with which the baby is growingn See also baby growth spurt chart

This calculation is validated for baby growth spurts with formula and breastfeeding as welll If the baby is sleeping for a straight eight hours at night, it needs six ounces of formula to be given to it every three hours when the baby is awakek Though this is the standard formula, if your baby is going through a growth spurt, it may need more foodo Some babies who sleep for more than eight hours, may need more number of meals during the day, and the mother may have to be feeding the baby after every few hours or so, depending on the growth of the baby and its appetitet The relationship of baby growth spurts and formula nutrition is very deepe The baby needs to be given complete nutrition in order for it to grow healthy and welll As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that every time your baby is hungry, it gets the food that is required by iti

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