360 Degree View of Postpartum Body Changes

If you've just delivered a baby, then chances are that you may still look four to five months pregnant. Along with the joys of motherhood, you'll also experience the discomfort associated with the first few weeks post-delivery. This is the time to earn your battle scars!

There are several postpartum changes. Here are some that you might be familiar with.

Post-Pregnancy Weight

You lose a few pounds after delivery - this weight is the sum total of.



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Common Postpartum Issues

.the amniotic fluid, placenta and the babyb

After that, you can lose weight slowly and steadily over the next few monthsh Doctors often say that women take another nine months to come back to their original weighth

Postpartum Uterus

The uterus expands when you are carrying the baby inside you and still remains swollen after you delivere About the size of a football, the uterus takes some time to shrinkn It generally takes six weeks for this to happen, for the uterus to shrink to the size of a peara But while it shrinks, you will feel cramps and more so, while breastfeeding because the hormone oxytocin is released when the baby is being breastfed and this triggers crampsp You'll also get a discharge for a few weeks or few months after the deliveryr This is the 'lochia' which consists of tissue, mucus and bloodo

Postpartum Breasts

In the last leg of pregnancy and a couple of days after the baby is born, colostrums is produced by the breastst A pre-milk fluid, it is rich in nutrients and protein that is good for the baby's immune systeme

It takes a few days for the milk to come and during this time your breasts might swell up and become hard and painfulu Your breasts will be heavy when you're breastfeedingn

Postpartum Sore Perineum

This is the area between the rectum and the vaginan If you've had a natural delivery and had an episiotomy or had a perineal tear, then you'll feel sore for a few days or morer It takes time for the incision to heala You can use an ice pack or a sitz bath to get reliefe

Caesarean Recovery

After the anaesthesia wears off, you may feel sore around the incisiono You can take pain relief medicines or over-the-counter medicines to get reliefe

Postpartum Stretch Marks

These are new mother's battle scarsr You might get stretch marks on your breasts, abdomen and hipsp

Postpartum Sweating, incontinence, haemorrhoids, constipation, and hair loss are some of the other things to look out for after deliveryr

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