Flatulence During Early Pregnancy

By Ashley | December 7, 2009
Flatulence In Early Pregnancy

Flatulence is a problem faced by a number of people and even pregnant women are susceptible to this problem. More than a serious health problem, flatulence is a socially embarrassing one. It can cause quite a bit of discomfort and the gas emitted can be extremely unpleasant. The problem is that once the gas is formed, it is hard to control the question of when it is emitted. Thus, flatulence is a problem that has to be corrected by looking at the underlying factors. While most of us would prefer to simply control it or take pills to curb it, it would be best to attack flatulence at the source. In most cases, this would be the foods and drinks that we find ourselves exposed to. One has to look at one’s diet to determine the culprits that could be causing this problem.

Furthermore, there could be other factors such as certain medications prescribed for pregnant woman that could be the cause of the formation of gas. It would be a good idea, before embarking on any corrective action, to speak to your doctor about the problem and possible solutions for the same.

One of the main culprits, which is otherwise extremely beneficial, is fiber. Fibrous foods have long been hailed for their health contribution. They are extremely important to prevent numerous problems such as hemorrhoids. At the same time, these very foods are a problem leading to unwanted and excessive gas formation. Thus, to tackle the problem, you have to avoid problem foods that have been known to lead to such formation of gas. These include cabbage and beans which are known for their high fiber content. The problem is that hemorrhoids is a condition which is often associated with pregnancy since pregnant women often fall prey to it. To avoid this, fibrous foods are necessary so the situation can become problematic.

Thus, you would need to step up your daily intake of drinking water and look for alternative sources of fiber. Besides food, carbonated drinks are also well known culprits behind flatulence. It would be in your best interest to altogether skip such drinks even though they are non-alcoholic. One of the home remedies includes pumpkin which you can treat yourself with. Lemon and other kinds of citrus fruits have been known to help with this particular issue. Talk to your doctor about alternatives and certain medication that could still allow you to eat the fibrous food you need.

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