26 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

Being pregnant with twins at 26 weeks can be a trying time. When you are 26 weeks pregnant with twins, you can be sure you know what to expect.

By the 26th week of a pregnancy with twins, you have already had pretty much all of the weight gain that you are supposed to experience for the entire duration of the pregnancy. You will most have put on at least 20 pounds and can even have put on up to 50 pounds in weight. Your babies are becoming big rapidly and by week 26, they have less space in the womb. At week 26 you will also have become...


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...of an unyielding size and if you work, this is perhaps a good time to stop. A twins’ pregnancy has a gestation period of 36 weeks and till week 28 are crucial week as maximum baby development takes place in this period. If the babies are born in this week, they have a 90 per cent chance of survival. The babies are growing rapidly and by week 28 will be roughly 3 pounds each and about 15 inches long. In this week, you will experience frequent Braxton Hicks contractions. By this time in your pregnancy you will be feeling very big. This discomfort will only increase as the weeks pass. You will feel increased pressure on your pelvis and your rectum, as the babies could be getting ready for birth. Also read more on 26 weeks pregnant.

You will notice many physical manifestations of carrying two babies and putting on weight quite fast. Your feet and ankles will swell up. You may experience water retention and edema. Excessiveness of any symptom is a bad idea and if your swelling is too much is persists too long, you should get a medical opinion. You will also face gassiness and flatulence which is a side effect of pregnancies. You will even see hyper-pigmentation and darkening of the skin around the aureoles. You will also go through excess mood swings. You will start to constantly feel pressure on the bladder and also frequently urinate. Other symptoms include anxiety, heartburn, leg cramps and general discomfort. Heartburn and flatulence can be avoided by eating a balanced diet with a good amount of fiber and with many frequent but small meals. The mother also needs to have a lot more water now to avoid dehydration or pre-term labor. If a mother carrying twins does not eat frequently, she could have dizzy or fainting spells and even see a fluctuation in blood sugar. The mother also can suffer from overheating.

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