5 weeks pregnant with twins

Submitted by Nick on February 1, 2012

Five weeks of pregnancy, many women are just discovering that they are pregnant. By this time your doctor would have checked you to confirm the pregnancy and you may also start experiencing some early symptoms. Around five weeks is also early enough to know that you are five weeks pregnant with twins! This may come as a shock to you but do not panic. Multiple pregnancies are not that much different from single ones and with the correct care and precautions, it should be as smooth as possible. A five weeks pregnant with twins ultrasound will show up two small little Gestational sacs, each no bigger than a grain of rice.


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There have been times however when the second embryo is hidden or not visible and you may not realize that you are carrying twins till much later. In addition to an ultrasound, there are other 5 weeks pregnant with twins symptoms:

  • There may be a change in your appetite. Most pregnant woman report a surge in their appetite between 4 to 6 weeks and if you are carrying twins this may be even more evident.

    Just go with the flow and eat more and eat healthy. This is not a time for diets and restrictions and your body needs more nutrition especially if its twins.
  • You could be feeling more tired and sleepy than usual and this is your body’s way of telling you that it needs to rest and conserve energy for the weeks and months ahead.
  • Frequency of urination in women with twins is even more so than normal. The pressure of your uterus on the bladder can be quite unrelenting.
  • For many women who are 5 weeks pregnant with twins, nausea and morning sickness is a big problem. Your sense of smell could be intensified and heartburn and acid reflux could cause much discomfort.
  • A 5 weeks pregnant with twins belly is also bigger than a single pregnancy. Weight gain in women carrying twins is significantly more. The uterus size is also large for the gestational age. This is a big indicator of a multiple pregnancy.
HcG levels at 5 weeks pregnant with twins are at an elevated level. This level of HcG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin shows up in your blood and urine as early as 10 days post conception. If you are carrying twins this rate escalates at a rapid pace through the first trimester especially.
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