Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Appendicitis During Pregnancy

By Kieth | December 1, 2011
Appendicitis During Pregnancy

There are several complications that women anticipate during the course of pregnancy, but appendicitis is rarely one of them. Unfortunately, appendicitis during pregnancy is a lot more common than most of us realize. According to reports published by the American Pregnancy Association, it is one of the most common extra-uterine surgical complications affecting pregnant women.

Symptoms of appendicitis during pregnancy

Due to several reasons, it is not very easy for women to recognize the symptoms of appendicitis during pregnancy. Very often, these symptoms are mistaken for normal pregnancy symptoms and left unchecked. However, there are a few signs of appendicitis during pregnancy that should never be ignored. Make it a point to consult your doctor, without any delay, in case you experience:

  • Severe abdominal pain: Appendicitis pain is quite different from cramping, as it just does not go away. You will feel the pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. It may start off as light pain, but will gradually build up to an intolerable level. Any pressure exerted on the area will only worsen the pain, instead of alleviating it.
  • Bleeding: Most women who suffer from appendicitis during pregnancy notice light to heavy bleeding from the vagina. In case of appendicitis the bleeding usually has a foul odor and is accompanied by pain.
  • Digestive problems: It is quite common to experience constipation or even diarrhea in case of appendicitis. Pregnant women may also experience nausea, loss of appetite and vomiting in this case.
  • Fever: One of the classic symptoms of appendicitis is fever that could be low-grade or even high. The fever does not go away, in spite of using home remedies.

Appendicitis during pregnancy diagnosis

The best way to diagnose appendicitis during pregnancy is by consulting a doctor and going through the required tests. Health care providers usually order a blood test and conduct an ultrasound of the area to check if you are suffering from appendicitis. The ultrasound will help your doctor determine the extent of the problem and the best course of treatment to be followed.

Appendicitis during pregnancy treatment

Most pregnant woman are bound to be concerned about undergoing treatment for appendicitis, as they believe that the medication, painkillers or the surgical procedures could have an adverse effect on the baby or the pregnancy. However, appendicitis is the most common cause of surgery in women who are pregnant. Therefore, your doctor may advise you to go through appendicitis during pregnancy surgery as soon as possible, to reduce the unbearable pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

In general, appendicitis during pregnancy recovery is not much different as compared to other women. However, because of the pregnancy, women do stand a higher chance of complications. After the surgery, some women may be required to stay in the hospital for as many as 10 days, just to make sure that the baby is fine.

In case you have been diagnosed with appendicitis during pregnancy, do set up an appointment with your doctor and discuss all your treatment options, as well as the risk factors involved with surgery, before taking any decision.

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