Tips and Guidelines for Nutrition before Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 30, 2012

Congratulations on your wish to start a family and trying to conceive!! Pregnancy Nutrition is a top priority not only when you are going to have a baby but also when you are planning to have a baby. Ensuring that you receive all of the nutrients your body needs will help to promote a safe pregnancy and a healthy environment for your baby. As body weight plays an important role in your fertility. Everyone only thinks that overweight people will have difficulty in conceiving but what one ignores is that even an underweight person could have difficulties in conceiving.


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Include necessary vitamin, calcium, fiber, iron, potassium all sort of vitamins and minerals that are necessary in your day to day diet. Even fats are important so include them in your daily diet as this gives you energy. However ensure that it is good fats and not bad fats.

Pregnant women require adequate amounts of healthy fats in their diet. Try to get your diet planned for the day. Include vegetables like spinach, beetroot, carrot, and green leafy vegetable is good. Include chicken, fish and meats as well in your pregnancy nutrition diet. Try and have fresh food than stale food as the food loses its nutrition's over a period of time. Milk and milk products as well are very good source of protein and calcium. Even eggs and soya beans are very healthy.

Try and also keep yourself fit during by doing some exercises. Consult your doctor if you are underweight or overweight and want to conceive. If you eat healthy before conceiving than you will be more physically strong during pregnancy. Keep a healthy daily routine, proper sleep, eating your meals on time and exercise will keep your mind relaxed and help you conceive faster. Consult your doctor if you require any kind of supplements of vitamin or calcium. Pregnancy nutrition is best when you have fresh food or juices rather than preserved stuff. Avoid eating papaya or any food which is heat if you want to conceive. Also it is important that you do not consume excess caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, illicit drugs. Include food items like include goldenseal, fenugreek, parsley and more in your pregnancy nutrition diet. If you eat well before pregnancy not only will it help you during your pregnancy and have a healthy baby but also ensure that your breast milk is chock full of nutrients.

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