Best Pregnancy Diet

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 31, 2012

The best pregnancy diet you can follow when you are expecting is one that is full of nutritious well balanced meals. It is important to increase the intake of folic acid and iron at this time. Increase your calorie intake as well. You should be eating about 200 extra calories per day for the last three months.

The best diet for pregnancy is one that contains the following foods:-

Dairy products: these are excellent for you and include yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, cottage cheese and whole milk. All these...


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...are high in vitamin B-12, calcium and amino acids.

Meats: Chicken, fish (especially shellfish) and organ meats are very good for you as they are good sources of protein. If you are vegetarian try and eat an egg daily or have legumes. Wholegrain, cereals and pulses are also good sources of protein. Make stock/soup from chicken, lamb or beef bones. The gelatin from the bones helps in digestion too.

Fruits and vegetables: Leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits provide fiber, vitamins and minerals. Avoid canned and processed fruit. Fermented vegetables are good for you too.

Fats and oils: Use these moderately. Butter and olive oil are good options. They help your body to absorb nutrients from other foods.

Vitamin A foods: These help your body to fight infection. Cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, chicken liver pate and fruits and vegetables that are deep yellow in color are good.

Raisins, molasses, spinach, egg yolks etc are great sources of iron. Ensure that you remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water and fresh fruit juices.

The best diet during pregnancy also includes foods that you should avoid - raw seafood (sushi, oysters), moldy cheeses, liver and liver products (pate), peanuts (if you are allergic to them), caffeine, aerated drinks and alcohol.

Refrain from making too many changes to your diet soon after your baby is born. You will still need the same amount of calories to as your body needs to heal and also to keep your energy levels up. If you are breast feeding give yourself at least two months before you change your diet. The diet you follow post pregnancy is as important as the one you followed while you were pregnant. Do not attempt to lose weight soon after your pregnancy - allow your body time to recover. The best post pregnancy diet is one that includes high fiber, low fat foods and whole grain products.

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