Preconception Advice for Men & Women

Having a baby is one of the most amazing experiences in life and when a pregnancy is planned, the experience is even better. Planning plays a vital role in preparing the expectant parents for the responsibilities and challenges that are an unavoidable part of pregnancy. It also helps in minimizing the chances of pregnancy related complications.

Hence, seeking preconception advice from a reputed gynaecologist is highly recommended. This should ideally be done three months before conception as this period will give a woman’s body sufficient time to get ready to meet the demands of a pregnancy.


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Adhering to good preconception advice ensures lower risk of complications caused by deficiencies, ignorance and negligence during pregnancy.

Preconception Advice for Men

It is often believed that only women need to prepare for a pregnancy as they will be carrying and nurturing the baby. This is a misconception as the role of the man is also vital for a successful pregnancy. Foods rich in zinc, selenium, vitamin C and folic acid are extremely advantageous as they help in improving sperm count and sperm quality. The use of tight underwear can affect the quality of sperm and should be avoided. Men are advised to avoid hot baths and the prolonged use of heating pads, as these factors also affect sperm quality. A semen analysis may prove to be beneficial as it helps in determining the quality of sperm as well as ascertaining sperm count. Timely corrective measures can be taken in case any irregularity is observed.

Preconception Advice for Women

A woman carries the baby in her womb and provides for its every need. It is therefore, essential for her to be completely fit for the success of the pregnancy. In most cases, doctors recommend that a woman intending to conceive a child, undergo routine blood tests and urine tests to check her health status. Checking for conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure irregularities, prior to getting pregnant, plays a vital role while preparing for conception.

Supplements such as folic acid and vitamin E are important as they help in fortifying the maternal body, thereby reducing the chances of pregnancy complications. Folic acid is crucial in the prevention of congenital disorders in the developing baby.

Preconception Advice Tips

Knowing how you need to alter your lifestyle is important as well as critical while preparing for a pregnancy. It is beneficial to suspend habits like smoking, consuming alcohol and drugs, so that the child can grow healthily and free from intoxicants in the womb. Getting sufficient rest is also crucial, for both the parents, as stress reduces the chances of conception as well as increases the risk of pregnancy related complications. A well balanced diet is always recommended by obstetricians as it helps provide a variety of nutrients needed for the development of a baby. One must also keep in mind that anxiety related to performance and conception has the ability to affect the process of conception itself. Hence, being calm during intercourse and enjoying the act will prove beneficial to both partners.

Exercise Before Pregnancy

Regular exercise before pregnancy is also important as it helps in the loss of excess weight. Exercise improves the working of the body and ensures that the body is fit to bear the strains that are an avoidable part of pregnancy. Exercise also makes the body flexible. It thereby makes labor easier and helps in preventing complications that may arise as a result of the natural process of child birth.

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