Male Infertility Symptoms

Male infertility refers to the inability of a man to father a child. When a woman fails to conceive a child in spite of unprotected intercourse for a year or so, the question of infertility arises. If tests reveal that the woman has no fertility issues, the failure to conceive a child becomes the most prominent symptom of male infertility.

Other symptoms of infertility include a lack of libido and an inability to obtain or sustain an erection. This in turn prevents ejaculation and therefore fertilization cannot occur. Structural abnormalities of the penis and testes are also indicative of male infertility.


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Unable to Conceive

In men, the main cause of being unable to conceive a child is poor sperm quality. This includes abnormally structured sperm as well as poor sperm motility which hamper the ability of the sperm to swim up in to the fallopian tube where the egg is to be fertilized. Low sperm count also reduces the chances of conception. In some cases, the semen does not contain any sperm and therefore, conception is impossible. Blocked or damaged sperm ducts hamper the flow of sperm, thereby affecting conception.

Low Sex Drive

Low sex drive or decreased libido also contributes to male infertility. The main causes of this sexual dysfunction include stress, anxiety, fatigue, overexertion and lack of time. Emotional discord between partners can also lower sex drive. Alcohol, tobacco and drug use as well as certain medications and illnesses can also lead to a loss of libido. This lack of sexual desire hampers performance and thereby affects fertility. Being relaxed and enjoying the act of lovemaking rather than concentrating on performance issues goes a long way in preventing infertility occurring as a result of poor libido.

Testicular Issues

Infertility in men can arise out of problems related to the testes. Trauma to the testicles during the course of a sport or as a result of an accident can hinder the flow of blood to the testes and thereby adversely affect the functioning of the testes. Similarly, infections can result in the inflammation of the testicles resulting in poor production of sperm. Failure to produce sperm can also be the result of undescended testicles. Varicocele is another condition that is known to cause male infertility.

Low Sperm Count

Sperm count plays a crucial role in male fertility. The causes of low sperm count include advancing age and an unhealthy lifestyle. The quality and quantity of sperm produced is highly affected by the intake of intoxicating substances as well as due to nutritional deficiencies particularly pertaining to folic acid, selenium, zinc and vitamin C. Low sperm count can also be attributed to stress and emotional anxiety. Exposure to heat, heavy metals and radiation also affects the production of sperm.

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