Boost Male Fertility

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on March 30, 2012

When a couple is trying for a baby, often the woman in the relationship gets majorly involved in readying her body for the baby. She eats right and does many other things, like keep track of her fertile period in order to ensure the right time for intercourse. . While the men ought to be supportive and work with them in keeping up with this schedule, they can also do a number of things to boost their fertility. Males can boost their fertility by starting to live good and full lives. The pertinent question that is sure to crop up in your mind is ‘how to boost male fertility?’


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Before you try out any medical methods, there are a few simple things you can do on your own.  Some of the ways that you can boost male fertility include eating right, sleeping enough and calming your anxious self.

Sperm Count & Infertility

Firstly, improve your sperm count.

The average sperm count is about 120 to 350 million cubic centimeters. If your sperm count is below 40 million, you need to work on it. The low sperm count can be due to any number of external and internal reasons. External reasons include environmental exposure to chemicals and other toxins like smoking, drinking, heavy metal exposure, and drug use among others. Internal reasons are usually medical causes, which only a doctor can diagnose. If the  lifestyle changes do not make a difference, you should ask a doctor to examine the problem.

Check The Drugs You’re Using

Heat is another big cause of low sperm count and motility. Keeping your testicles warm for a long time is not a good idea. Tight underwear should be avoided. Long baths, sauna or long hot showers are also not advisable.  All these factors reduce sperm production. There are a few drugs known to reduce sperm counts. You might want to check your medicine cabinet and get those drugs vetted from your doctor. If you have ever had radiation or chemotherapy done in the past, you should get your sperm checked, as these treatments are believed to have irreparable damage on the sperm quality.

Illicit Drugs at Bay

Over the years, due to lifestyle changes, the quality of sperm is believed to have degraded steadily. Exposure to pesticides, plastics and industrial pollutants has caused irreparable damage. While you are trying to boost your fertility, attempt to reduce exposure to harmful industrial chemicals. Avoid plastic containers, especially for food. Even if you are a recreational drug user, you might want to discontinue the habit. Not only does it reduce sperm count, but also causes you to lose your erection quickly. Drugs like Viagra, though known for great sexual encounters, reduce the quality of sperm.

Foods for Boosting Male Fertility

There are specific foods that help boost male fertility, but an overall lifestyle change is certainly more effective. Foods rich in zinc play a big role in improving the sperm count. Some of the foods rich in zinc include- legumes, lean beef, turkey, wheat germ and nuts. Increasing your testosterone naturally can also play a big part in increasing the sperm count. Remember to drink sufficient water throughout the day. A balanced diet is one of the keys to get rid of infertility in men. Eat as much fruits and vegetables, as even  whole grains and good fats. Foods that are rich in natural minerals and vitamins should be consumed. Foods high in antioxidants and green leafy vegetables are a must. As much as possible, try and eat organic foods. Foods rich in vitamin C and E are good for the health of sperm. Eat lots of bananas, as they are a rich source of potassium. Avoid meats that contain a lot of fat, as they are treated with artificial hormones. Smoking, drinking and even caffeinated cola drinks must be avoided as much as possible. Try not to indulge in spicy or bitter foods. Studies have shown that consumption of soy can reduce sperm count. Therefore, till you are trying for a baby, you could eliminate soy from your diet. You should also avoid all kinds of processed food. Toning down the stress in life can also make a big difference to your body, including your sperm count and fertility. Less stress means your body stays relaxed.

Keep The Weight In Check!

Lose weight and remember to exercise regularly. Fat around your testicles increases in stout people, keeping them warm and reducing the sperm count. Just as it is important for the woman to be of a certain weight, it is also important that the man stays fit, so that the sperm quality is as good as it can be. Regular exercise is a great habit for everyone to inculcate. However, one exercise that potential fathers should avoid is– cycling. This exercise heats up the testicles and degrades the quality of the sperm.

With All of Your Love

‘Have sex regularly’, is also common suggestion doctors give. Having sex regularly keeps the reproductive organs healthy and it the sperm also gets stronger. Regular sex keeps you healthy and there are chances that you will conceive your baby quicker that you had expected. Regular ejaculations work well to improve the health of your sperm. You can even try different things in bed to make sex exciting, which in turn makes for a great experience and could be just what your bodies’ need. Longer periods of abstinence might increase quantity of sperm, but reduce its quality. Hence regular sex is a great way to help you through.

Some Supplements Can Help to Improve Fertility

There are quite a few supplements available, to help improve fertility. You can take pills to increase the volume of the sperm, quality of the sperm and even to increase testosterone. Pills are not popularly suggested or recommended at the very start, but if most natural methods have failed, you could give these a shot. These supplements tend to contain a concentration of vitamins and minerals that are good for sperm health. They help increase volume, quality, improve your libido and your stamina. Zinc supplements are also very popular with people trying to increase their sperm count. Research has not made known the efficacy of these supplements but mixed results have emerged. If you are choosing to take supplements, you should first check with your doctor as most of these do not always disclose their contraindications. Doctors often suggest natural remedies, as they are tried and tested and can’t do much harm. Before you start taking any supplement, you should check you sperm count consistently so that you are certain that it is a problem area and not a one-off thing. You can also try herbal remedies to help you to boost male fertility. Herbs like nutmeg, gingko bilboa, horny goat, ginseng, saw palmetto, and muira puama can greatly help increase the sperm count.

Remember that boosting male fertility is very important but it is even more important to keep your partner happy and look after her well being. Ensuring she eats well and is well rested will make it much easier for her to conceive your baby.

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