Baby at 1st Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 24, 2012

Pregnancy is a phase in woman’s life that is marked by excitement coupled with anxiety. It is characterized by numerous physical and psychological changes in a woman. With the progression of pregnancy, there are changes in the baby as well as it starts developing body organs and physiological systems.If you just conceived and find yourself wondering “how big is a baby at 1 week of pregnancy” or what does a baby look like when you are 1 week pregnant, then you must understand that baby is just a clump of cells at this stage. A baby at 1 week of pregnancy is a zygote implanted in the uterus, formed...


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.as a result of fertilization or fusion of the sperm and eggg The onset of pregnancy is marked by ovulation, and it is not always easy to determine the exact datet

The first week of pregnancy is considered the day your last menstruation periods startede

Your gynecologist will identify your delivery date by counting 40 weeks ahead of your last menstrual cyclel Your baby is extremely small and is still in the first stages of growth in your first week of pregnancyc Since the zygote has just formed, it looks like a mass of cells for a whilel It then starts dividing and multiplying and replicating, leading to the formation of the human structurer There are numerous stages involved in the cell division process; each stage marks the transformation of the cellular structure which ultimately transforms into an infantn

It is difficult to predict the specifics of a baby at 1 week pregnant;a pregnancy calendar will help you calculate the stages of developmentn You must follow a strict diet routine, including all the essential nutrients in your diete Also, you must seek the advice of your fitness trainer to help you stay healthy and fit in pregnancyc You must avoid stress as far as possible and you should get proper rest to prepare yourself for the pregnancy and deliveryr Pregnancy is an exciting phase and if you have been trying to conceive for a while, even a slight delay in menstruation may raise your hopese Try not to be too disappointed if you find out that you are not really pregnant and instead talk to your doctor about ways to increase your chances of a positive pregnancyc

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