How Big is My Baby at 29 Weeks Pregnant?

(October 16, 2012)

After having conceived your child, there are a number of changes are undertaken by the expectant mother, as well as the developing fetus in the womb. You will notice the various changes as you monitor different developments during the weeks of your pregnancy. Watching your baby at 29 weeks pregnant can bring you immense joy, especially after you notice how well he or she has developed. Though the baby has completely developed limbs, the internal organs are still being strengthened and adapting to be able to assist in the baby's survival outside the mother's womb.

Many women frequently ask, "How big is my baby at 29 weeks pregnant?" By the time you reach the 29th week of your pregnancy, your baby will weigh anywhere between two and a half to three pounds and will measure approximately fifteen and a half inches in length from head to toe. As mentioned earlier, the weight of your baby at 29 weeks pregnant, will be approximately two and a half to three pounds, but is dependent on the nutrition made available through the diet of the expectant mother. Expectant mothers who eat highly nutritious food provide the raw material required for their baby to grow in size and weight. Many women also ask, "What are the sensations perceived by my baby at 29 weeks pregnant?" From the moment that your child is conceived, it is believed that he or she can perceive innumerable sensations. Your child can sense fear, worry, anxiety and other such feelings as experienced by you, and therefore, expectant mothers are always advised to think good thoughts. A child in the womb is capable of understanding different sounds around and will respond to the same by movements within the womb.

The size of the baby at 29 weeks pregnant is also dependant on the amount of exercise being undertaken by the expectant mother. Although rest is advised during a pregnancy, it is important that expectant mothers undertake a little light exercise daily, to keep the muscles in tone, and to assist in ensuring that the baby grows healthily. While you are in the 29th week of your pregnancy, be careful about the physical activities that you undertake, because this is an important milestone in your pregnancy. During this stage, your baby is turning within the womb to ready itself for delivery. In the event that the turning is not complete, the baby will go into a breech position, which could give rise to complications during the delivery.

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