Fetal Development at Week 11 of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Your baby is 11 weeks old and is as big as a lipstick tube. Your baby will weigh around nine grams and will be around two inch long. Fetal development in this period is at its best. You can clearly hear the heartbeat of your baby using a sound wave stethoscope.

All the important fetal development is done by now; all that your baby needs to do now is to grow. Your baby’s head is almost half of its length. Your baby’s forehead bulges and can be distinguished as it sits high on its head. When you do...


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Week By Week Fetal Development

.an ultrasound, your baby’s spine is clearly outlined and the spinal nerves also stretch out of the spinal cordr By this time, the reproductive organs are fully developed and the external genitals like the penis or vagina are also completely developede

Around this time, with the help of an ultrasound you can easily determine the gender of the babyb With the fetal development almost done, the vital organs of your baby start functioning and the kidneys start producing urine and the pancreas starts producing insulini By this time the fingers and toes are also no longer webbed and are separatede The muscles in the abdominal wall start contracting in an attempt to practice digesting foodo Hair and nails begin to growo Your baby kicks you and moves around as he/she also swallows some of the amniotic fluidi Even as he/she swallows the fluid, your body replaces it to maintain the level of the fluidi Your baby grows till the time he/she is able to survive outside the womb without your supportr While the fetal development is at its peak during this time, week 11 is also vital for you tooo

This period means the end of the first trimestere So now you can happily bid goodbye to pregnancy discomforts like morning sickness, nausea, and so onoBecause your baby is busy growing in size, you can expect some discomfortr You may find it difficult to sleep comfortably as your stomach also expands to accommodate the growing baby and uterusu So while you say goodbye to discomforts like morning sickness and nausea, you may have to say hello to uncomfortable nights and an increase in the frequency of urinationo The amount of blood pumped in your body will increase in an attempt to provide nutrition to the growing babyb Enjoy this period as the discomfort you face is anytime better than what you saw in the first trimestere Also the fetal development is interesting and may leave you dumbstruck most of the timese

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