38 Week Pregnancy Check Up

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

Most women who have reached the 38 week of pregnancy should bear in mind that the baby is now considered to be full term. In the case of first time mothers, they usually go up to 40 weeks of pregnancy and even more. During the 38 week fetal development check up the ultrasound will reveal that the baby should ideally weigh almost 6-8 pounds and the baby will be almost 17 inches in length. The 38 week pregnancy check up is also done to ensure that the baby continues to gain weight but oddly enough the mother will not gain much weight and the uterus will also not grow any further. At the time of the 38 week ovulation check up, the doctor will...


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.also check for the position in which the baby is lying in the mother’s wombm Typically most babies are known to be positioned head down and knowledge of the baby’s position will enable the doctor to make the required arrangement at the time of the delivery of the babyb

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The 38 week pregnancy fetal development check up will also confirm if the baby has moved lower down towards the pelvis which in turn will minimize the pressure on the mother’s ribsb However this lowering of the baby into the pelvis will increase the pressure on the mother’s bladder thereby increasing the need to urinate frequentlyl Some women who go in for a 38 week pregnancy check up are also known to continue to experience certain symptoms of pregnancy such as heart burn, bloating, swelling, varicose veins, constant poking in the ribs, increase or a loss in appetite, leaky and fuller breasts and so ono During the 38 week pregnancy check up some women also express their concern that the baby is not very active and that there is a reduction in the movements of the baby as compared to the earlier monthsh This is not usually a cause for concern because towards the last few weeks of the pregnancy as the baby continues to grow, it will have run out of roomo However the mother should be able to feel the usual fetal movementsa At the time of the 38 week pregnancy check up, the doctor will also ascertain if the cervix has thinned or effaced or has even dilated which are all signs of impending laboro The week 38 fetal development check up may also include a vaginal swab to ensure that the mother is not carrying the Strep B bacteriai

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