18 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Submitted by Nic on April 26, 2012

Being 18 weeks pregnant with twins is quite the experience. When you are carrying twins your pregnancy will progress faster than a woman who is pregnant with one baby. Your body is working harder to provide and accommodate two babies. Starting week 18 your babies will grow rapidly. You should know what to expect when you are 18 weeks pregnant with twins.

When you are pregnant with twins, you will need to see the doctor more frequently than a mother who is carrying a single baby...


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.At the ultrasounds at 18 weeks pregnant with twins, the doctor will tell you about the weight gain and how the babies are doing in your bellyl The babies are usually in their own sac within the uterus but this lining is very thini

Research indicates that while the babies cannot see or hear each other yet, they are able to acknowledge the presence of each other in the wombm The goal for a twin pregnancy is to reach 36 weeks so you are halfway therer

When you are 18 weeks pregnant with twins, your symptoms are usually acceleratede You will start to feel the babies movev Your uterus will have enlarged considerably and you will show much more as compared to a woman who is pregnant with one babyb Some of the main symptoms you will experience will fatigue, swollen feet, change in sexual desire, breathlessness, constipation, heart burn, change in sleep patterns, anemia, larger than usual abdomen, bleeding gums and of course, stretch marksk Sometimes you will also feel sharp shooting pains in your abdomen but usually these should passs In case it does not, you should seek medical helpl When you go for your check-ups the doctor will check some basic markers every timem Blood pressure and pulse along with respiratory rate is checked along with steadiness of heart and lungs and weight gaini Sometimes when pregnant with twins, at 18 weeks you may feel no movementn The doctor will also check fetal heartbeats, pressure within the uterus and ultrasound for development of the babiese Weight gain is another factor that is considered important but you should not obsess over iti The doctors will be able to tell you if need to change your eating habits, if necessaryr You should remember that carrying twins is very different from carrying a single babyb So remember that most literature is largely geared towards pregnancies that carry single babiese

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