Check Up During 36th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

When you learn that you have conceived a child, you experience boundless amounts of joy. As time goes by, you began planning your visits to the doctor for your scheduled check ups. During the first few visits, the doctor may ask you for ultrasound reports so that he or she can monitor the growth of your baby. The various reports will also help you to track the growth of your child, allowing you to see the development of the various organs of his or her body. It is imperative that you visit your doctor regularly for your scheduled check ups, so that the doctor can keep a tab on the health of your baby, as well as on your health.


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The 36 week pregnancy check up is one that you have been waiting for, because you are now full term and ready to deliver the child that you have carried for the last nine months. Your doctor will give you plausible explanations about the movement of your child and why the movements have been rather excited at certain points of time, and why they become shallow towards the end of the pregnancy. A 36 week pregnant check up allows your doctor to check whether your cervix has dilated and whether you are ready to go into labor, or whether you need labor to be induced.

At this point of time, your baby is full term and may tend to get sluggish if you do not go into labor soon. In case there is any complication that has arisen in your pregnancy, your doctor will be able to rectify the same, provided you visit him or her for your regular check ups. See also 36 weeks pregnant what to expect

Getting your self a 36 week pregnant appointment should be no problem at all. Most doctors and medical practitioners keep themselves aware of their patients requirements at all times. They get completely involved with your medical history and are aware of every situation that you have faced during your pregnancy. It is always advisable to give your doctor vital information on your health so that he or she can make the correct medical decision to serve your medical needs. Place your complete faith in your doctor because doctor – patient trust is very essential during such a phase. The most important thing to keep in mind during every stage of your pregnancy is that you should stay calm at all times.

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