Thrilling 1 Month Baby Milestones

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Your baby is your little bundle of joy that brings a lot of happiness and love to your entire family and each and every move of the baby amuses you. You eagerly wait for him to open his eyes, talk, scream, or even just make eye contact with you. The development of your baby is taking place every day and there a lot of physical as well as behavioral changes that you will observe in him as each day goes by. Your baby is still very small after a month old and he will move his hands and get them to his face. There are a lot of 1 month baby milestones as your baby will be able to raise his head for a few seconds when sleeping on his stomach.


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Your little one even looks at your face and keeps his eyes focused on you. Also, if you get his attention by showing him an object and move the object around, he will follow it for about a few seconds by moving his eyes in that direction. The reflex movements of your baby are very strong by 1 month and he will be able to grasp your finger if you give him to hold it.

This is just one of the 1 month baby milestones with regards to the child's motor development.

In case of a loud noise, he will thrust out both his arms and legs, get them back, and then start crying. Rooting is another reflex movement that is a part of the 1 month baby milestones and you will notice your child doing this instinctively. Rooting is the reflex action of the child and when you rub your finger to the side of his cheeks, he will turn his head to your finger. If you keep your palms under your baby's feet while he is lying down, he will try to push himself and move up taking the support of your hands. Your baby's eyesight is still not fully developed and he can best see things that are about 8 to 15 inches away from the eyes. He is also able to hear your voice and even respond to it by smiling or making some other gesture. You, therefore, need to constantly talk to him or sing a song to him. Your little one is also able to identify your touch and therefore, you need to be very affectionate with him, cuddle him, or simply hold him close to you. You will be surprised by the amount of time your baby spend sleeping in the first few weeks and in general new born babies sleep for an average of 18 hours.

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