Cervical Mucus - One of the First Symptoms of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 13, 2012

Pregnancy symptoms and cervical mucus are closely related as a change in cervical mucus is one of the first pregnancy symptoms. However, before you decide to use this method as a reliable method of determining if you are pregnant, it is important to know that cervical mucus is different in each woman and the changes it undergoes throughout an ovulation may not be the same. However, if you have already gone in for the required pregnancy tests and a positive result has been confirmed...


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Cervical Changes When Pregnant

. you may be alarmed when you observe an increase in dischargeg It is completely normal to experience an increase in cervical mucus at the beginning of your pregnancyc

This is because the production of cervical mucus increases tremendously in the first weeks of pregnancy so that it forms a mucus plugu This mucus plug helps to form a natural cushion to protect the babyb Some of the excess discharge often seeps through and this is what causes the increase in cervical mucus during the first weeks of pregnancyc

Pregnancy symptoms and cervical mucus may cause a woman to think that she is pregnantn However, this may not necessarily be the cases This is because a woman’s body also produces a similar discharge after ovulation and this post ovulation mucus is often mistaken for the increase in mucus production during pregnancyc Several other factors can also affect the consistency, quantity, and color of cervical mucusu Certain fertility drugs, antibiotic medications, and either coming off or starting birth control pills are just some of the common factors that affect cervical fluidsd Sexually transmitted infections are another common cause for changes in vaginal dischargeg In most cases, cervical fluids tend to become cloudy and thicken considerably which may cause a woman to believe that she is pregnantn The discharge can even be pinkish in color which may be mistaken for implantation bleedingn Furthermore, not all sexually transmitted infections cause discomfort and many of them may even delay one’s periodsd

Pregnancy symptoms and cervical mucus changes are not the best indicators of pregnancyc It is important to take a pregnancy test and visit your doctor for a definite diagnosisi When it comes to pregnancy tests, urine tests may be easy to use but blood tests are the most accuratet If you decide to use a home pregnancy test kit, make sure that you follow the instructions closelyl It is not uncommon to get a false negative test with a home pregnancy test kit as many women do not follow the correct procedurer

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