Toddler Speech Evaluation, Assessment, & Exercises

Speech is very important to the world of your child. As a parent, you are the natural choice for the one who should guide the baby’s speech development. Babies can’t get enough of their mother’s and father’s voices.

What all parents need to understand is that talking to a child, right from the time they’ve been delivered is very, very important.

The baby picks up cues from his surroundings such as tone of the voice and association with different objects to learn about speech. Just listening to others.



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Normal Toddler Development

.can help your little one pick up on what it is to talkl Before you jump to the conclusion that your toddler has speech disorders, remember that the recommended ages for speech development are exactly that; recommendede Each baby has its own pace for any kind of developmentn However, if you do suspect speech disorders, you can always go in for toddler speech assessmentn There are a number of doctors and trained speech therapists who can help you outu

Common Toddler Speech Disorders

As a toddler, speech ranges from babble to sounds that are similar to words, to actual sentencese One of the common toddler speech disorders is stutteringn While this may get parents worked up, disfluency, as it is called, is nothing to worry about, as it is very common when a toddler is so youngn Just after a child turns a year old, right up till he or she reaches the age of five, stuttering is commonplacec In fact, it has been known to come as well as go, with the development of your little one’s skillsl

For instance, your child may choose to repeat certain syllables or the whole wordr It is not that that the toddler is agitated, but it is simply the way he or she expresses himself or herselfl There are many variations and manners in which such disfluency can manifest itselfl It is important not to make the little one feel awkward or punished if you notice thisi Your toddler could have a number of different speech problems such as articulation and fluencyc Look out for speech sound disorders and signs of autisms

Remember that trained specialists (often called speech and language pathologists) can conduct a toddler speech evaluation, if you are concerned about the speechc You can make use of toddler speech exercises, like use of sing-song sounds or mouth exercises to aid in speech developmentn Remember that the most effective thing to do is, reading to your baby at as early an age as possiblel

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