Coping with Chicken Pox during Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 30, 2012

Chickenpox is a condition that is caused by the Varicella virus. It is not malignant and people who have had it previously as well as those who have been vaccinated against it have no fear of getting it again even if exposed to someone with chickenpox.

Risks of chickenpox during pregnancy

Chicken pox in pregnancy can be a threat to the mother as well as the child. The risk of chickenpox in pregnancy is higher...


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. if the mother acquires it in the early or last stages of pregnancyc The virus spreads from the mother to the child through the placentat

If a woman has already suffered from chickenpox, she does not run the risk of getting it againi If she is not immune she must not go near any person who has chickenpoxo It is a contagious virus and spreads through the droplets in the air as well as by coming in contact with any patient's articles that have been infected by the rashs According to statistics, more that 80% of women are immune to chickenpox in pregnancyc

The complications of chickenpox and pregnancy are manyn The mother can contract a condition known as Varicella pneumoniai The virus travels through the blood stream and reaches the lungs of the patientn If this pneumonia is contracted during pregnancy, the infant and mother has a high chance of developing a lung infection which is life- threateningn

Other than the pneumonia, the infant is at a risk of being born with muscle and bone deformities, mental retardation, a small head, low birth weight, shorter limbs than usual, and eye defectst

Chicken Pox Symptoms

The symptoms of chicken pox are:

  • Mild fever
  • Water filled blisters on the whole body
  • Irritation in areas that the blisters are present
  • Feeling of fatigue
  • The blisters turn into scabsb
  • Treatment of chickenpox during pregnancy

Chicken pox during pregnancy is a self-limiting diseases Acyclovir can be used to treat the virusu The fever can be treated with Tylenolo The irritation that is present can be eased with the help of soothing bathsh Two cups of oat meal powder can be added to a warm tubu This reduces the itchingn You can also take a bath with cool water twice a daya Add a tea spoon of baking soda to the bath watere Maintain a bland diet without spicese

A vaccination of varicella-zoster-immunoglobin can be taken as a preventive measure if you are planning a pregnancy, because pregnant women are at a high risk of acquiring the virusu

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