Depression After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

One of the major problems that women have to deal with after a pregnancy is the feeling of depression. Depression after pregnancy is usually caused by the hormonal changes being experienced by the mother’s body, after having gone through the process of childbirth. Being an exhaustive process, childbirth can leave the mother undergoing the process with little or no energy, making her experience symptoms of depression. The body is recovering after having gone through the extremely tiring process of delivery and it is expected that the new mother will be irritable at times, even though this is one of the happiest moments of her...


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There are numerous signs of depression after pregnancy that will help you to know that all is not welll

Long hours of silence and a loss of appetite are the more common signs that are exhibited by new mothers who are experiencing bouts of depressiono The partner needs to be aware of any behavioral changes that may occur and must be as accommodating as possiblel Giving mothers who are experiencing bouts of depression their own time and space will be of great helpl Time is the best known healer and once they have recovered from the exhaustion of childbirth, there is no greater joy they will know than that of spending time in the presence of the immediate familyl

Postpartum depression
is a feeling that will soon passs The best way of avoiding the occurrence of bouts of depression is through keeping oneself occupied at all timese Light reading that entertains you should keep your thoughts off the worries of the worldl Similarly, picking up a hobby, such as knitting things for your new born baby, will be something to look forward tot Watching light movies that have happy endings are another way of getting your mind off depressive thoughtst Most important of all, you need to eat well and get the rest you deservev Partners play a very important role in helping around the house with chores that can be carried out easilyl Asking a partner to help with the cooking or cleaning of the house, once in a way, shouldn’t be too much to ask for, and can help relieve the strain off your back for a biti Spending time doing the things you like, being around the people you love will definitely play a positive role in helping you overcome any feelings of depression that you may experience after your deliveryr

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