Yellow Discharge During Pregnancy First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 13, 2012

It is normal to have an odorless sticky yellow discharge during pregnancy as there is an increase in the flow of blood to the vagina because of more estrogen production and there is a change in hormonal levels. The discharge which is called leucorrhea is the secretion from the cervix and vagina and the old cells from the vaginal walls along with some bacterial flora which is normally present in the vaginal walls. As the pregnancy advances the discharge may also increase ...


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. and has the consistency of the white of an eggg A light yellow discharge is harmless but a yellow discharge during pregnancy first trimester which has a foul smell could be a symptom of an infectiono

If the discharge is accompanies with itching in the vaginal area you should inform your doctor about iti

Yellow discharge during pregnancy second trimester

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy is normala While this discharge is of the consistency of an egg white, if there is a yellow discharge during pregnancy second trimester which resembles pus of has a foul smell it could be because of a vaginal infectiono The discharge could be accompanied with itchiness and burning while passing urine and could be because of a yeast infection which is quite common during pregnancyc Vulvovaginal candidiasis produces a discharge which is cheese like and causes pain during intercourse and burning sensation while passing urinen There could also be sexually transmitted diseases and this should not be neglected as it could affect the unborn fetusu Inform your doctor immediately so that treatment can be started without delaya

Yellow discharge during pregnancy third trimester

Yellow discharge during pregnancy third trimester may be a lot more than it was earlier in the pregnancyc During the early months of pregnancy the body forms a plug of mucous in the cervical canal which is a protection for the uterus from infection which may enter from the outsided In the third trimester of pregnancy the cervix dilates and releases the plug with a result there are blobs of mucous passed outu Though it may frighten a first time mother this is quite normala You may have to wear a panty liner to avoid getting it on your clothese

The discharge is sometimes watery and many women fear that it is the amitotic fluid leakingn Of course it is best to ask your doctor about it if there is any doubtb A blood tinged discharge should be reported to your doctor immediately as it could be the onset of labor during this stage of pregnancyc Apart from this discharge women sometimes find that urine leaks out as they have less control over their bladder during this stage of pregnancyc A panty liner helps when this happens, but tampons and douches are best avoided during pregnancyc

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