A Lot of Discharge During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 18, 2012

A pregnancy is an event in a woman's life that probably has the most impact on her, considering all the changes that her body goes through, during the nine months. One of the first signs of pregnancy is a vaginal discharge, also known as leukorrhea, which is white in color and is usually thin in consistency. It is also usually odorless. While a light amount of vaginal discharge is absolutely normal even in women who are not pregnant, it is quite natural for the discharge amount to increase during pregnancy. This is caused by the increase in the levels of a hormone known as estrogen in the body, during pregnancy.


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Moreover, the flow of blood to the vaginal area also increases during this time. This discharge mainly comprises the old cells from the wall of the vagina, the normal vaginal bacteria and vaginal and cervical secretions. As the pregnancy progresses, the amount may increase and a woman may notice a lot of discharge during pregnancy.

Towards the end of the pregnancy, i.e., at the time of labor, the appearance of the discharge can also change. This change is occurs when the cervix begins to dilate causing the mucus plug to release, because of which a thin white discharge may also be noticed. Occasionally, the mucus plug may also contain some amount of blood in it. Towards the end, many women get such high amounts of discharge that they mistake it for amniotic fluid. Many women even have to use panty liners to deal with the discharge. See also green discharge during pregnancy

While it is not really a cause of concern, if you experience a lot of discharge during pregnancy, it is important to keep an eye on it. If the discharge smells strange or is accompanied by soreness, itching or pain in the vaginal region, you will need to inform your healthcare provider immediately, as you may be suffering from an infection like thrush. These infections are usually nothing to worry about, as they can be treated quite easily. You should also let your doctor know if the discharge is frothy, or is green, gray or yellow in color. More on mucus discharge during pregnancy.

However, at any time during pregnancy, if you notice bleeding from the vagina, please inform your gynecologist or midwife about it immediately. Losing a small amount of blood it is one of the normal conditions during pregnancy. However, at times, it could be an indication of condition that is serious, like potential miscarriage or a problem with the placenta. Also see brown discharge during pregnancy.

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