Fetal Development during the First Trimester

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 19, 2012

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant, it is quite natural for her to wonder about how the baby is growing and developing, how big the baby is, and when she will feel the first movements or kicks. Fetal development in the first trimester as well as the second usually follows a predictable course in almost all pregnancies. A pregnancy lasts for about 9 months and can be divided into three stages, which are known as the three trimesters. Each trimester includes around three months. Fetal development in the first trimester begins immediately after conception. Thereafter, each trimester of pregnancy marks specific milestones...


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.of fetal development and physical changes in the unborn babyb With modern technology and the number of resources available, it is quite easy to find out what changes your baby is going through and the different stages of fetal development in the first trimestere

Fetal development, first trimester

  • The first two weeks is the gestational stageg However, the first date of your last period is always calculated as your conception date and your weekly development and estimated due date are always calculated from that datet
  • Fertilization usually occurs in the third weeke
  • The fourth week is the right time to take a pregnancy test, for the most accurate resultst
  • In the fifth week, the formation of the baby’s heart, spinal cord and other organs beginsn
  • In the sixth week (which is actually the fourth week of gestation), the neural tube along the baby’s back will close and the baby’s heart will begin to pump bloodo
  • At around this time, the baby’s basic facial features will also begin to form, along with the passageways that form the inner ear and the arches that form the jawa
  • The baby’s body takes on the shape of a “C”, and tiny buds appear, which will soon develop into arms and legsg
  • In the seventh week, the baby’s face and brain develop at a rapid pacec
  • The eye lenses will begin to form and small nostrils will become visible In the eight week, the baby’s arms and legs will grow in lengtht
  • The body parts which will start forming at this time are fingers, the nose and the upper lipi In the ninth week, the baby’s arms develop bones and can bend at the elbowsw Toes too begin to form at this timem
  • In the tenth week, the baby’s head becomes rounder and the neck begins to developo
  • In the eleventh week, the baby’s body starts growing rapidly, in order to catch up with the size of the heada Red blood begins to form in the baby’s liver tooo
  • In the twelfth week of pregnancy, the baby’s face will have a distinct profile Fetal development in the first trimester will ensure that your baby measures about 2 ½ inches in length (from head to rump) and weighs half an ouncec
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