Pregnancy Trimesters In Weeks

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 20, 2012

The entire duration of pregnancy is broadly divided into three stages, which are more commonly referred to, as the three pregnancy trimesters. The first trimester includes the initial stages of pregnancy, which are the first three months. The second trimester comprises the fourth till the sixth month and once you enter the seventh month of pregnancy, you have entered the third trimester of your pregnancy. However, since most doctors and healthcare providers monitor the progress of the fetus in weeks, it is much better to calculate and monitor the various pregnancy trimesters in weeks...


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.A normal pregnancy can last anywhere between 37 and 42 weeksk The references to pregnancy usually take into account the gestational ageg

The first trimester of pregnancy starts at week 1 and goes on till the end of week 13 and this is a period of rapid developmentn Not all women are even aware that they are pregnant for some part of this stageg The first week is actually, the week where you have your last menstrual periodo The day on which you started your period will be regarded as the official start-date of your pregnancyc The weeks are further calculated, from this date onwardsd Between the second and the third weeks, the egg gets fertilized and floats into the uterusu About three days after that, i e., in the fourth week, the process of implantation begins, there the eggs that has been fertilized burrows into the uterus liningn Most women start noticing the first few signs of pregnancy in the 5th weeke It is during this time that the placenta starts getting formed and the amniotic fluid begins to build upu Your baby undergoes several other changes between the 6th and 13th week, by when the fetus should is around 3 inches long and weighs around an ouncec It is also possible to determine the baby’s gender in the thirteenth week, as the external genitalia are clearly definede

As you enter the 14th week, which is the second trimester the baby should measure about 3½ inches long and should weigh an ounce and a halfl This trimester is a period of rapid growth in the baby, so don’t be too shocked if you feel the movements or kicks from your baby, shortlyl Your baby grows in leaps and bounds, gets stronger by the week and goes through several changese By the end of the second trimester, i e., the end of the 26th week, your baby should be about 14 inches long and should weigh one pound and seven ouncese Physically, your baby should be very active and should even respond to touchc

As you enter the third trimester and the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby should weight around 2 pounds is should be 1415 inches longn The baby’s brain still continues to develop and the baby gains weight and gets stronger by the week, right till the time of deliveryr A baby born in the 27th week has 80% chances of survival, but there may be some severe complicationsn A woman is not considered overdue, till she exceeds her due date by two weeksk However, after crossing 37 weeks, it is important to have your doctor check you and your baby regularly, to avoid any complicationsn

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