Week 37 Of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on February 1, 2012

You will probably be happy and excited to know that as you enter week 37 of pregnancy, you have stepped into the final stages of pregnancy. Babies born anytime between the 37th and the 42nd week are considered as full-term babies. The approximate weight of your baby should be around 6.3 pounds and the length should be around 19.1 inches or so. During pregnancy week 37, your baby will still continue to gain weight and the longer that the baby remains in the uterus, the more he or she will weigh, at birth. This additional weight and the added layers of fat will improve your baby’s overall health and wellbeing...


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.and will increase his or her chances of a safe and healthy entry into the worldl

Pregnancy Week 37 Weight Gain

Women usually gain anywhere between 18 to 35 pounds, from the start, till pregnancy week 373 Even though your baby continues to grow within the uterus, you may notice that in week 37 of pregnancy, it appears like your uterus has stopped growingn

This is quite common for many women and is not a cause for concernr If this happens, it means that you probably won’t grow any bigger, even as the pregnancy progressese

Pregnancy week 37 Tests

In week 37 of pregnancy, your doctor may take a Group B strep test, which checks for the presence of Group B bacteria in the vaginan In case you are colonized with the Group B bacteria during the final stages of your pregnancy, your baby is at a risk of infection, during labor and deliveryr Infected newborns require hospitalization, observation and treatments, which include the use of antibioticsc Getting infected by Group B bacterial can cause serious health related problems like sepsis, pneumonia and meningitis in the babyb Fortunately, these complications can be prevented, by identifying their presence beforehand and then taking suitable medication, which includes antibioticsc

Week 37 of pregnancy is probably the most important time to start preparing for the arrival of your little one, if you have not done so alreadyd It is important to have a plan of action in place by now, just so that you are not completely lost, when your water bag breaks or when you start experiencing contractionsn Please do ensure that you have your hospital bag and medical history file ready, in case of any emergencyc It is also important for you to keep the contact numbers of your medical healthcare providers and the hospital readyd

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