Pregnancy Massage Benefits and Techniques

Prenatal pregnancy massage like regular massage can help achieve many of your goals like ease sore spots, improve mobility and circulation, relax tensed muscles and simply make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. However pregnancy massage differs from a regular massage in many ways.

Since the person receiving the massage is pregnant, a massage therapist will tailor the massage specifically according to the needs of the pregnant woman. It is also very important for the massage therapist to have knowledge about pregnancy and the needs of a pregnant woman.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage


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  • Relief from spasms and muscle cramps especially in hips, legs, lower back and neck
  • Reduces swelling by improving blood and lymph circulation
  • Reduces stress and promotes tranquil relaxation
  • Reduces stress especially on stress bearing joints
  • Improves the pliability of the skin
  • Eases labor pain and improves labor outcome
  • Supports the new mother with the emotional and physical strains of motherhood

How to do Pregnancy Massage

  1. The massage room setting for pregnancy massage should have dim lighting and a warm extra padded table to lie or relax on. Soothing background music will also help the individual relax and de-stress. Many pregnancy massage therapists prefer using music that contains within it the sounds of the baby’s heartbeat. The use of candles can also help set the mood and spread a pleasant smell in the room. However any sound or smell in the massage room which offends your senses can be reported to the therapist, he can make the required changes accordingly.
  2. Many women find it uncomfortable to lie on their face not only due to their large growing tummy but also due to their swollen breasts. To lie flat on your back either is not a good idea after you have crossed mid-pregnancy. So it is best to lie on your side and hug a full length body hugging pillow for support.

  3. The level of clothing one should wear during the massage entirely depends on your level of comfort. Some prefer to wear nothing at all as they will always be covered by sheets, while some prefer to keep their panties or their bra and panties on.
  4. There are certain conditions when a massage therapy for pregnancy is not recommended like if you have a bone fracture, a blood clot, skin infection, burns, eczema or allergy to massage oils. Some practitioners also don’t recommend massage in early pregnancy although this is a decision is depends entirely on your health care specialist and you.

As your pregnancy massage is very special, pregnancy massage techniques should also be special. Your massage therapist should have a special training and certificate in pregnancy massage. A trained therapist will know the sore spots and area where there is pain and provide relief accordingly. However you can also tell them about specific sore spots so that he/she can make sure they focus on that area.

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