Levels and Complications of D Dimer during Pregnancy

D-dimer is a small protein section that remains in blood after a blood clot gets degraded by fibrinolysis. Blood tests are performed through a quick, non-invasive method to assess the presence of D-dimer concentration in the blood stream to help in the diagnosis of irregular or excessive clotting of blood.

D-dimer is also commonly used to rule out pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, which are commonly seen during pregnancy.

It is an essential test during pregnancy for women suspected of having thrombotic.



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.disorders as well as the blood disorder – disseminated intravascular coagulation as well as to check the progress provided by the related treatmentn

D Dimer Levels and Complications in Pregnancy

D-dimer levels in pregnancy are generally tested when the expectant mother suffers from edema or swelling in the legsg Pain or tenderness along with discoloration of the legs, in most cases, just one of the legs, also calls for a d-dimer test as many women are known to experience elevated d-dimer in pregnancyc During the natural course of pregnancy, fibrin is formed and broken down and this results in high d-dimer levelsl However, trauma, infection, heart disease, liver disorders and recent surgery can also result in high d-dimer levels in the bodyd The level of d-dimer is directly influenced by the gestational age of the developing babyb When a test reveals a normal d-dimer in pregnancy result, it indicates that the person tested does not have a serious condition responsible for abnormal clot formationo

A positive d-dimer in pregnancy would indicate an unusually high level of fibrin degradation products in the blood streama This test helps to reveal the presence of a major blood clot and breakdown in the body but it does not point out to its exact site or causes Whether the test shows a normal or an elevated level of d-dimer, repeated follow-ups have to be done and additional testing would be imperative in pregnant women to rule out d-dimer pregnancy complicationsn Studies are being conducted to check the connection of d-dimer for pregnancy losss However, different parameters are set when testing d-dimer levels during pregnancy because of the expected increase in the level as a result of pregnancyc In order to determine the actual medical state of the expectant mother during pregnancy, a d-dimer in pregnancy test may be used along with additional tests like platelet count, fibrinogen, PT or PTTT In future follow-ups, an increase in spite of medical treatment would show ineffectiveness of the treatment and would require further medical interventiono

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