Causes & Treatments for Multiple Miscarriages

While a pregnancy can easily be the best thing that has ever happened to a couple and brings a lot of joy to everyone connected, the situation could easily turn out to be a disastrous and emotionally very taxing one if things do not go too well during the pregnancy term. Miscarriages are a common problem that affects some women more than others, based on a number of medical and fitness complications.

While a single miscarriage is obviously very emotionally demanding, one can only begin to imagine what a mother that has suffered from multiple miscarriages must go through every time she is.



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.able to conceivev Studies have shown that miscarriages occur in almost 15 - 20% of all pregnancies and are more likely to take place in the first 3 months of the pregnancy than at any other stage of the termr In order to better understand the occurrence, we must understand the primary causese Chromosomal defects represent the most common cause of miscarriages and are essentially a problem with the chromosomes in the genetic materiala The conflict generally exists between the partners and it would be a very good idea for both partners to undergo a tests

Multiple Miscarriage Causes

Hormonal imbalances are part and parcel of a pregnancy, although sometimes they are the main cause of concernr

In situations where there is not enough progesterone within the mother's body, the pregnancy is unable to sustain and a number of women that suffer from this problem are turning to the benefits of progesterone therapyp Since any illness that the mother is affected by can, in some way or the other affects the child in spite of the very protective placenta, it is advisable to make every attempt to avoid medical illness at this timem Some of the conditions that are known to contribute to stillbirths and multiple miscarriages include heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure and thyroid diseases

Multiple miscarriage treatment is not as straightforward as it may sound because of the fact that the condition is dependent on so many variable factorsr The essential effort to prevent a recurrence of a miscarriage would be to make every possible attempt to stay relaxed, well rested, hydrated and away from any infection or diseases It is highly suggested that you approach your doctor for more specific advice on how your should prevent a reoccurrence of miscarriages because of the fact that your doctor will have all your medical files and can easily draw out a medical plan that best suits your individual lifestyle and bill of healtht

Multiple Miscarriage Treatment
Multiple Miscarriage Treatment
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