The Common Causes and Reasons of Miscarriages, and Simple Ways to Avoid Them

Pregnancy is an amazing feeling that lasts for approximately 40 weeks from the date of the last menstrual cycle. A miscarriage usually occurs before 20 weeks of gestation and at such a young gestational age, the baby would definitely not be able to survive. As many as 15-20 percent pregnancies end is miscarriages and many women miscarry before even knowing that they were pregnant.

This is not a comforting fact but it does provide some assurance that you are not alone. There is no simple answer to the question - what causes miscarriages? There.



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Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy

.are a number of factors that can cause a miscarriageg The most common of the causes of miscarriage is chromosomal or genetic defects in the babyb The body is a marvelous machine that recognizes normal from abnormala If it feels that the baby is not growing well and has flaws, it expels it from the bodyd An abnormal embryo may also be the cause of miscarriageg For the mother, no defect is larger than the loss of her childl In such cases, nature takes its own courses

Reasons for Miscarriages

In some cases, the embryo gets expelled from the body as it does not implant itself properly in the uterusu Defects in the uterus in terms of shape and capacity also affect the development of the babyb Tumors or fibroids in the uterus could be one of the causes of miscarriages as they tend to draw blood towards themselves, thus restricting the flow of blood required to meet the needs of the growing babyb

Scar tissue formed on the uterine wall due to past surgeries may also result in the termination of a pregnancyc

Advanced maternal age, multiple gestations, small intervals between pregnancies and excessive intake of birth control pills can further increase the risk of a miscarriageg If the mother faces conditions like Preeclampsia, diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroidism, she is more prone to having a miscarriageg Emotional shock, physical trauma, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are other miscarriage causese Late nights, skipping of meals, unhealthy meals and overexertion are detrimental to the development of the baby and increase the risk of a miscarriageg Smoking, alcohol intake and the use of recreational drugs also pose a grave threat to the developing babyb

How to Avoid Miscarriage

The key to a safe pregnancy is ensuring that the parents-to-be are healthy, even before conceptiono A nutritious diet, adequate non-strenuous exercise and sufficient rest also benefit the wellbeing of mother and child alikek Regular visits to the doctor will further help in keeping a check on complicationsn However, it is essential to bear in mind that some miscarriages are inevitable and may occur in spite of great carer

Causes Of Miscarriage
Miscarriage Causes
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