Signs of Miscarriage in First Trimester

Most miscarriages among pregnant women occur in the first trimester; in fact statistics put it as high as eighty percent. They can be categorized into chemical pregnancy, a missed miscarriage or a blighted ovum.

First trimester miscarriages can be caused if the mother is over the age of thirty five, if the mother has uterine fibroids which have been undetected, an autoimmune disease where the body mistakenly believes that the baby within is a threat to the mother's body and attacks it or if there is a history of two or more miscarriages. Other factors that can be avoided include the use of alcohol or drugs while pregnant, .



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. smoking cigarettes or pot when pregnant, exposure to harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, arsenic or benzene when pregnantn An inordinate amount of caffeine intake, contracting contagious or other diseases when pregnant, or undergoing physical trauma due to accidents, falling down or even domestic abuse are other causese Hormonal imbalances in the mother's body causing polycystic ovary syndrome, blood clotting disorders called antiphospholipid antibody syndrome and chromosome abnormalities in either one or both parents can also lead to miscarriagese

Signs of Miscarriage in First Trimester

The signs of miscarriage in the first trimester can include bleeding or spotting from the vagina, although this could also be because of irritation caused during the process of implantation in the wombm If it is the latter the bleeding will soon stop and the pregnancy will proceed normallyl Severe abdominal cramps are a sign of danger as it could be the result of an ectopic pregnancy wherein the baby happens to be implanted out of the uterusu

In case the pain occurs on one side of the abdomen, it would be advisable to consult your doctor immediatelyl A fading of pregnancy symptoms such as no more morning sickness or soreness of the breast will also have to be mentioned to your doctor although these are not full proof signs of a miscarriageg Signs of miscarriage in the second or third trimester are those of preterm labor and these include frequent contractions with a gap of ten minutes or so, a noticeable change in the vaginal discharge, a dull throbbing backache, pressure around the pelvic region and cramps that are not unlike menstrual crampsp

While pregnant it is important to pay special attention to your daily food intake and to the environment you live ini Prospective mothers should avoid stressful situations and sudden shocksk A high protein diet with milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables and fruits is necessary not only for the mother but also for the healthy growth and development of the child withini

Miscarriage In Trimesters
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