Recurring Dreams of Miscarriage and their Significance

One of the primary thoughts on any expectant mother's mind is the safety of her child and the completion of the trimesters without any hurdles. Miscarriage dreams have a tendency to occur when any expectant mother is overly anxious of the well being of the child that she carries. Dreams of miscarriage not only occur in women who are expecting a child, but could happen with anyone.

There are many ways of interpreting a miscarriage dream, but to women who are pregnant, they always feel that it is a bad omen. To women who are not married, leave alone expecting,.



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.these dreams could prove to be extremely confusingn Dreams of miscarriage are most common during the third trimestere There are very slim chances that a mother who dreams of a miscarriage will experience one, but it is not something that is unheard ofo As the time draws near for the baby to be born, many mothers get anxious about their ability to give birth without any hiccoughsh Fluctuations in the balance of hormones within the body also play an important role in the occurrence of the dream of a miscarriageg It must be kept in mind that keeping these dreams secret and not sharing them with anyone only cause your anxiety to grow, leading to psychological effects which can hamper the development of your childl

Speaking with your partner or members of the family about the dreams of miscarriage that you have been experiencing will alleviate the stress and anxiety you put on yourself when you keep them secrete

Recurring Dreams of a Miscarriage

Recurring dreams of a miscarriage, though emotionally disturbing, also play a positive role in keeping the mother alert of her safety and the safety of the child that she bearsr A woman who has had dreams of a miscarriage will always be more careful about the food that she eats; the health that she maintains; habits that could be detrimental to the health of her baby and she will definitely give her body the nutrition required to help her baby grow strong and healthyh To women who are not married, the dream of a miscarriage could be related to the failure of a project that has been undertaken, a relationship that has not worked out or the experience of some form of difficulty in daily life, something that is beyond one's controlo However, it should be kept in mind that similar to a dream of a miscarriage that symbolizes the loss of something very precious, there is always the hope for new hope and new prospectst

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