Effects of Birth Control Pills For Spontaneous Abortion

Submitted by Nick on August 17, 2012

A miscarriage is a process where the pregnancy of a woman terminates before term for some reason. This reason could be illness on the part of the mother, injury to her or some abnormality related to the growing fetus. A miscarriage is often caused by the body itself as it seeks to avoid further development of a fetus that is known to be damaged in some way. This is an automatic method of the human body to prevent the development of abnormal babies. Birth control pills are a form of contraception that is very popular...


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.amongst women who are involved in regular sexual intercourse, usually with the same partnere This form of contraception is very reliable and eliminates the need for any physical contraceptiono

Birth control pills have a lower failure rate than most physical contraceptivese One problem with the use of birth control pills is that one usually needs to visit a doctor before one can begin with this medicationo Birth control pills use hormonal supplements to prevent the woman's body from developing the right conditions to allow pregnancy to take placec

There is some worry about the relationship between miscarriage and birth control pillsl Many people claim that the risk of spontaneous abortion on birth control pills is highere However, there is a lot of conflicting evidence about the relationship between miscarriage and birth control pillsl Some studies suggest that miscarriage while using birth control pills is less likely than under normal circumstancese This study refers to the women who have terminated their birth control medication when they wish get pregnantn Another study suggests that the chances of a woman getting pregnant after she has been on the birth control medication is actually higher because her menstrual cycle will be properly synchronized in the first few months after she is off the pilll

The modern understanding is that there is no known risk of miscarriage due to birth control pillsl These pills are therefore being increasingly used by women who want to use a safe and effective form of protectiono Birth control pills do have known side effects, particularly if they do not suit the body chemistry of the woman using theme Therefore, it is always better to have the pill prescribed by a doctor who can monitor any side effectst Often, a switch from one type of birth control pill to another will lead to an improvement in women who suffer from symptoms of having used birth controlo

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