Miscarriage Bleeding Causes and Its Significance

A miscarriage is a term used to describe the loss of a baby in the first trimester of pregnancy. At such a young age, the baby is invariably too weak and underdeveloped to survive outside the mother's womb. A miscarriage could be caused by a number of reasons - the most common being a genetic disorder that occurs right from the fertilization of the egg.

An abnormal embryo or an inability of the embryo to attach itself in the womb is also another very common cause of early miscarriages. Uterine defects, ill health, unhealthy and irregular eating.



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Early Miscarriage Bleeding

.habits and harmful lifestyle are other factors that can lead to a woman's inability to carry her baby to termr

Physical and emotional trauma, stress and overexertion are other aspects that can influence the occurrence of miscarriagese A miscarriage may occur in the initial weeks of pregnancy, even before the expectant mother knows that she is pregnantn Hence, many miscarriages go undetected and as many as 15-20 percent, of known pregnancies, end in miscarriagese

Bleeding and Miscarriage

Bleeding and miscarriage are like two sides of the same coin as bleeding is the primary indicator in most miscarriagese Be it extremely light or heavy, bleeding in a pregnancy is a cause for concernr It is essential to bear in mind that most women bleed slightly when the embryo is embedding itself in the wombm But, however little the bleeding, consulting a doctor at the earliest is recommended as it could be a threatened miscarriageg Miscarriage bleeding usually starts off as a slight pinkish staining and gradually progresses to becoming heavier than a normal periodo The passing of clots of varying sizes may also be observede

Some women also pass fetal tissue that is pinkish-grey in coloro In some cases, it is seen that, the entire fetal sac with an underdeveloped baby is passed along with blood and clotst Vaginal bleeding in a miscarriage may also be accompanied by abdominal pain varying in severity from woman to womana Lower back pain and body ache is another symptom of miscarriageg

Miscarriage Without Bleeding

A miscarriage without bleeding may also be experienced by some womene These women may or may not experience pain and crampingn Some women do not go though any symptoms of miscarriageg They usually realize that something is wrong when they cease to experience pregnancy symptoms like nausea and breast tendernesss A visit to the doctor and an ultrasound usually confirms the miscarriage in such casese

Bleeding From Miscarriage
Miscarriage Bleeding
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