Reasons and Conditions under which a Miscarriage is Misdiagnosed

A miscarriage is one of the most devastating incidents for any expectant mother and father alike. The conception of a child is an extremely amazing experience in life and the very fact of being told that your pregnancy will end in a miscarriage would definitely cause a lot of anxiety and confusion.

However, it is essential to bear in mind that there could be a misdiagnosis of miscarriage.

Miscarriage Misdiagnosis Reasons


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Miscarriage Misdiagnosis Reasons

Miscarriage misdiagnosis often occurs due to irregularities with the woman's menstrual cycle. There are also numerous other reasons for a miscarriage misdiagnosis. Many women fail to keep a track of their menstrual dates, especially in the case of unplanned pregnancies. This leads to a miscalculation of the gestation period and may prove misleading to the concerned doctor. This often leaves doctors confused regarding the growth of the baby as the last menstrual period may not match the growth shown by the baby. A LMP date earlier than the actual date may leave the impression of an underdeveloped baby showing abnormal growth. In the case of women with a tilted uterus, the baby may not be seen clearly even with an internal ultrasound until later on in the pregnancy. In these cases, the doctor usually fears that the baby is not developing as an ultrasound was unable to pick up clear images and the heartbeat. The HCG levels revealed through blood tests may also sometimes misinterpret a normal pregnancy.

Miscarriage Misdiagnosis Conditions

A few women experience slight vaginal bleeding during the first trimester. Bleeding is not a good sign and normally indicates a complication. In rare cases, women may experience a normal period or miscarriage symptoms like lower back pain and loss of pregnancy symptoms during the course of a pregnancy resulting in missed miscarriage misdiagnosis.

On being told that there are complications in the pregnancy that may need termination of the pregnancy through specific medical procedures, it is very common for a woman to think irrationally and take hasty decisions. However, it is always better to first relax and think logically. Since the decision involves the life of your baby, taking a second opinion would prove beneficial. It is not necessary that a miscarriage will be avoided but it definitely eases the doubts revolving around the miscarriage and the emotion turmoil, especially the feeling of guilt that follows a miscarriage. The power of prayer has no limits and in many cases an unmistakable risk of miscarriage may just turn miraculously into a normal successful pregnancy without any apparent explanation.

Miscarriage Misdiagnosis
Miscarriage Misdiagnosis
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