Significance of Vitamin D During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 18, 2012

It is often assumed that the most vital vitamin or nutrient for the good health of bones is Calcium. But the truth is that Vitamin D is equally important for the proper growth and development of healthy bones. Studies have indicated that women who take supplements of vitamin D during pregnancy have a better chance of giving birth to babies with high bone mineral content, which increases as they grow older. Higher vitamin intake is linked to improved bone strength as well as a lower risk of bone fractures, which may result from problems like osteoporosis and bone thinning or weakness. Vitamin D can work with other vitamins and minerals...


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.to promote good bone healtht It helps the body to absorb important nutrients like phosphorus and calciumu

Therefore, if you are pregnant, it is essential for you to get adequate amounts of vitamin D during pregnancy, in order to ensure the well being and good health of your child's bonese This nutrient can be consumed through foods like egg yolk, liver, milk and certain types of fishs It can also be obtained through exposure to sunlighth

Vitamin D Dose During Pregnancy

Earlier on, people used to get their required dose of Vitamin D through routine sunlight exposurer However, with the recent risks of that have been associated with sunlight, like skin cancer people are more likely to cover up and use other protective measures to avoid getting direct sunlight on their skini This reduces the amount of Vitamin D produced by the skini Most people do not eat sufficient foods that are high in vitamin D Moreover, women who go through the third trimester of pregnancy during the winters will probably be at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiencyc Studies have revealed that over 31% of pregnant women suffer from mild vitamin D deficiency and about 18% suffer from a significant deficiencyc Children born to such women have lower bone mineral density, than other childrene

Therefore, it may be important to take supplements of Vitamin D during pregnancy, which will result in your child having stronger bones later on in lifef These supplements are beneficial not just for the unborn baby, but also for the expectant mothere Therefore, as a part of your routine prenatal check up and tests, it is strongly recommended that you and your gynecologist monitor if you are getting adequate vitamin D through additional supplements, as the health of your unborn baby could very well depend on iti

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