The Importance of Vitamin D in Pregnancy

Did you know that vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy can increase the risk of preeclampsia? Well, a recent study conducted has shown that Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy is very essential. Right from our childhood, we have been listening to our elders that early morning sunrays are good for health.

Little did we know that the reason behind this statement carries lot of significance and is beneficial for our health. Early morning sunrays synthesize vitamin D in our body and make sure that our bones are in good condition and that we stay away from maladies like rickets. Vitamin D or the “sunshine vitamin” is very important as far as pregnancy is concerned. This vitamin is considered as a joker in.


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Vitamin D Intake In Pregnancy

.the pack as our bodies produce it to some extentn However, during pregnancy, the amount of vitamin d that our body produces does not suffice for both you and your babyb As a result, vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy is almost inevitablel You need to take supplements to overcome this deficiencyc

Preeclampsia, also known as toxemia, is a severe complication that causes soaring blood pressure, leading to swollen hands and legsg This condition can not only lead to premature delivery of the baby, but also increase the risk of having a miscarriageg It can also cause other illnesses and complications in your pregnancyc

If there is a Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy, your baby’s bones may not develop properly, and even if they do, the baby is at risk of developing ricketst This deficiency can also lead to schizophrenia, diabetes type 1, or breathing problems like asthma in the later stages of your child’s lifef Vitamin D helps build healthy bones and teetht

It corrects the blood level in our bodyd It also helps releasing energy in our bodyd

Vitamin D Foods in Pregnancy

Foods that helpl You can overcome vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy by eating a diet that is rich in this essential vitamini Carrots, milk, leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits like oranges are full of this vitamini Make sure you include a portion of each in your daily diete

Including egg yolks, liver, fish, and fortified cereal in your diet will also help you get this vitamini Receiving some early morning sun exposure is also a good idea as this helps in synthesizing Vitamin D in your bodyd

So eat healthy, follow your doctor’s advice, and make sure that you are not deficient in any vitamini

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