Severe Edema During Pregnancy

By Ashley | January 13, 2010
Severe Edema During Pregnancy

Finding it difficult to get into your shoes? Do you feel like a bloated balloon? This is because you are suffering from edema. In pregnancy, it is normal to have a little swelling of your body. In pregnancy, the fluid in your body doubles up in order to support the normal development of your baby and makes the body more flexible for your baby to expand.

Conditions in Severe Edema During Pregnancy

As you complete each trimester, your baby grows in size and so does your uterus. When your uterus grows in size, it presses against the pelvic veins which in turn obstruct normal blood flow. When the blood circulation is affected, there is fluid retention in your body and this leads to swelling of the extremities of your body like the hands, feet and legs. This condition is known as edema.

Slight swelling during pregnancy is considered normal. However, extreme swelling or edema during pregnancy can prove dangerous and lead to a condition called as preeclampsia. This condition is related to high-blood pressure and can lead to problems like sudden swelling, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, reduced output of urine, excessive nausea and vomiting, blood in the urine, and abdominal pain.

Severe edema during pregnancy can also affect your baby indirectly. It can encourage premature delivery and cause certain birth defects like hearing and vision problems, learning disabilities, epilepsy, or cerebral palsy.

This is the reason why if you notice any of the symptoms of edema during pregnancy, you must contact your doctor immediately.

How Long Does Severe Edema During Pregnancy

In case it is a slight swelling, it will go away in two weeks after your delivery. This extra retention of fluids get flushed out from your system through sweating and urination. So do not get worried if you find yourself sweating profusely or visiting the washroom frequently after delivery.

Remedies for Severe Edema During Pregnancy

The only cure for severe edema during pregnancy is delivery itself. However, till you complete full-term, you need to be careful and limit your activities to light ones. Your doctor may keep you under observation if necessary and bring down the swelling by administering certain medicines.

Besides this, you can try certain things from your side like limiting the intake of salt in your diet and avoiding tight fitting shoes. Stay away from wearing tight fitting clothes as well as these obstruct the blood flow, drink plenty of water, and follow a simple exercise routine.

A little tweaking of your lifestyle will help you go a long way and help you avoid unnecessary complications. So stay alert and keep your doctor in the loop if you notice any unusual or new developments during your pregnancy.

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