Which Side Should You Sleep On During Pregnancy? Right or Left Side, and Why?

During pregnancy, young mothers are often concerned as to which side they should sleep on. Although sleeping positions play a significant role in the health of any individual, during pregnancy which side to sleep on is vital to the health of both the mother and child. First and foremost, do not sleep on your back or on your stomach.

The abdomen goes through changes in every trimester as the baby grows and it could become potentially harmful for the child's life if you sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your back can become problematic as the heavy.



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.uterus, intestines, and inferior vena cava are likely to put excessive pressure on your back even to the extent of damaging a major vein that runs through iti

You may develop breathing problems, limited blood circulation throughout the body especially to the baby within, hypertension, hemorrhoids, severe back ache and problems with digestiono

Pregnancy Sleep Left Side

The best pregnancy sleep side is to stretch out on your left sided This position ensures that oxygen and nutrients flow without interruption to your child and you will be able to feel the child moving within you whenever it is awakek It will also prevent your hands and ankles from swelling up too much and will aid the kidneys in better waste disposal as the blood circulation is not hamperede If you feel too much pressure down in the abdominal area, you may use a pillow underneath it to support both yourself and the babyb

Pregnancy Sleep Right Side

Although there is no harm in lying on your right side, the left is the posture that most experts advicec

Also known as the SOS or pregnancy 'sleep on side position', it would help if you were able to fold your knees and keep your legs bent with a pillow in between theme You can rotate your position after a while and if you wish to sleep on your back for some time, prop yourself up with pillows under your back for supportr Most baby shops have a full size pillow that will encircle your entire body and prompt you to sleep on your left sided Failing that you may use differently shaped pillows from all over your house and arrange them around you as you sleepe In case you find it difficult to sleep off immediately, try to listen to some soothing music or do some light reading till you feel sleepy enoughg Also make sure that the room has dark curtains shutting out the light and that the room temperature is comfortable for youo A white noise machine that can cut off traffic and other noise might also prove helpful

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