Pregnancy Week By Week Second Trimester

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on February 1, 2012

The second trimester begins in the 13th week and goes up to the twenty sixth week. The second trimester usually is a sign of relief to the parents as the chances of a miscarriage go down dramatically. The nausea and morning sickness usually goes away as the mother’s appetite is likely to increase dramatically. It is important to now compensate for all the eating that could not be done due to morning sickness. The sickness is likely to fade in the second trimester and the prospective mother must eat a diet that is rich in fiber to ensure that she is not plagued by constipation. The mother must consume fruits and fruit juices,...


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.green leafy vegetables, pulses whole grains, lean meat, fish, yoghurt and milk and milk products to ensure the healthy growth of the babyb By the fourteenth week, looser clothing will be necessary and the mother may notice tags in her skini

The baby’s features grow more defined during this period and s/he is able to smile and frownw As the next week commences, the baby develops the sense of hearing and the eyelashes, eyebrows and hair of the baby start showing and getting thicker by the daya

Over the next few weeks, the baby begins to move about and it may be difficult for the mother to sleep on her bellyl Sleeping on her back may also not be an option as the uterus may compress the blood vesselsl The best way to sleep from now on would be on the side with pillows to support the belly, head and legsg By the 16th or 17th week, the baby grows fingernails and toenails and it may be possible to determine whether it’s a boy or a girlr The ligaments in the abdominal region and back stretch as the baby grows and this may cause the area to acheh The baby becomes sensitive to light and sound and may employ slow movements of the hands to shield against light and soundn

The mother’s sense of balance might shift a little due to the growing belly and great care must be taken to clean up the genital area after urinatingn This is essential to prevent bladder infections which can adversely affect the childl By the 19th or 20th week, the feet and ankles may begin to swell a littlel In the following weeks, the mothers stomach moves as the child moves within and the depression if present begins to fade awaya It is important to keep to all the exercises done through the pregnancy and the mother may consult her doctor if any changes in routine are necessaryr As the mother progresses to the last trimester, regular medical checkups are important to prevent any complicationsn

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