What to Expect in Week 17 of Pregnancy?

(July 7, 2010)

What To Expect Pregnancy Week 17

By the 17th week of your pregnancy you may be showing a little baby bump by now though most women are able to hide their pregnancies for a few more weeks.  By the 17th week your uterus would have grown by around 2 inches and it more or less starts taking the shape of an egg rather than the usual round ball that it is, as it takes shape it will slowly push your intestines and other organs get pushed to the side a little and settles towards your lower abdomen. Other than these internal changes you might also notice yourself putting on some weight which is normal at this point of time. You might also have some vaginal discharge which is most common with women during pregnancy. The vaginal discharge at this point of time is called leucorrhoea, it is odorless and a milky or clear color. Part of the reason you produce more of this kind of discharge is because of your body would be producing more of estrogen and there would be more blood flow to the genital area. In such cases its best to wear a thin panty liner its best not to use tampons in such a condition.

Apart from the changes in you, your baby would also be growing by now it would just about 5 inches and should at this point be very mobile. As your pregnancy progresses with the next few week you will be able to feel your baby’s movements in you but even during week 17 of pregnancy you may be able to feel slight movements. Many natural health experts believe in the power of the mother’s touch. Though your baby is still very small, the touch of your hand on your abdomen may help the baby feel safe and loved within your womb. The best way to take care of yourself and your unborn baby at this time would be to take ample rest and do some exercise when you can. During these weeks of pregnancy stress may force you to behave unpredictably which is not good for your baby. A couple of ways of reducing stress during pregnancy is by trying out some prenatal yoga classes and meditation; your doctor will be able to recommend the right place. You could also join a local club of expectant mothers where you could share experiences and involve your partner to help you relax deal with the stress.

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